Imagine Language&Literacy

New River Middle School

Program Overview

Welcome to Imagine Language & Literacy. Imagien Language & Literacy is a program that is used with students to develop language, literacy, and grammar skills. Below are some helpful tips for implementing the program, along with appropriate resources to assist you in using it with your students.

Usage Recommendations and Login Information

Usage Recommendations

20 minute sessions- minimum 3x a week

Weekly Usage Goal: 60 minutes

Ideal Weekly Usage Goal: 90 minutes

Educator Login

Browser: Google Chrome


Email: district email

Password: Click 'Forgot Password' and follow instructions.

*Educator Tab - no site code needed.

Student Login

Browser: Google Chrom

Username and Password: Student ID (no leading..start with 6)

Site Code: Broward

Print Login Cards: Instructions

Getting Started


  • Login and verify rosters.
  • If needed edit student language or session.
  • Print Login Cards.
  • Watch tutorial videos.
  • Monitor usage.


  • Students will take the placement test.

Resources and Tutorials

Additional Tutorials