WJHC Note's Afloat


The main charters names are Janey, Ciel, Sandy, Tara, The Skate, Roland, Mrs. Bort, and Miss, Willow. Janey and Ciel are best friends who are starting a radio station. Mrs. Bort and Miss. Willow are teachers. The setting is at a High school radio station. The school is in New Jersey. The school is in Jackson Hill. I enjoyed this book because it was exciting

The plot is a note that Sandy wrote to Janey. The note was a love note that said “My sweet love, you are so beautiful inside and out. I want to spend our time together.” Then, Sandy and Roland ran into each other and Sandy mix it up with Roland’s papers. Tara got the note and thought that it was Roland who wrote it. Tara throe the note away and Janey read it and thought Tara liked Skate. The next morning Janey gives it to Skate but he didn’t hear her because he had music to loud. Skate then thought that Janey liked him.