Persuasive techniques

Direct t.v

This comercial was trying to get us to buy their cable by comparing Tony Romo to a weird guy. One had direct ( Tony ) the other did not ( weird guy ).

Commercial techniques

This commercial used three different techniques. They included faulty reasoning, red herring, and last testimonial. Faulty reasoning is when the facts don't support the conclusion. Red herring is using a distraction to avoid in issue and covence your audience. Lastly we have testomonial. Testomonial is when an important famous figure indust the product.

How they used it

They used faulty reasoning by if Tony Romo actually does not use direct tv. Red herring is used when they have the weird guy popping in and out of the commercial and said/did random things. And of course Tony Romo was the famous person investing the product or cable.

Did we want to buy it??

No this did not want to make us buy it because we love our dish cable already