Gorniak Gazzette

Angie Gorniak

Spring Break

Every year during spring, students are given a break, one district in particular, Howard Suamico School District (HSSD), generously gave all their students 10 days off, if you count the weekends. Tuesday, April 7th at 7:54 am the students are back in school.

Now the students have to jump back in the routine of school, with homework, and getting up early. In Bay View Middle, one of the schools in the district, the students are getting caught up from the long break. Not to mention the state tests that are coming up, teachers have had to plan out the weeks to come, meaning the students may get more homework than they want. With a break, comes work.

Balloon Battle

Every school has different things to motivate kids, weather it's a day off, or a prize, it doesn't matter. One Wisconsin school has come up with a great way to motivate there students to keep pushing through the school year. Bay View Middle School would be the school with the great idea. Every half quarter the students are rewarded with "activities" to do for part of the day. So when half the quarter is done they have MQIT, or middle quarter incentive, when the end of the quarter comes around they have QIT, or quarterly incentive.

On Friday December 7th at 1:45 all the kids from the Aquarius house meet to do their MQIT. It is on this day that they do the balloon battle. The rules are quite simple, try to pop everyone else's ballon. Of course they have teams, the teams are the strides. Each stride gets a color of balloon and that is the only color you don't want to pop. During the game all the students have to run around, trying to pop, everyone else's balloon. If yours is popped your out. Soon the space gets smaller and the game gets harder. The final three were Chase, Braden, and Colten. Unfortunately the bell rang for the end of the day before the game was finished so, they tied for first place.

Simply Three

Many schools have band and choir, but do those schools also have orchestra? Most schools do not have orchestra due to the extra teacher and money it requires. In the small towns of Howard and Suamico, there is a school district that gives students the opportunity to play in an orchestra. It is an option in three schools, Lineville Intermediate, Bay View Middle, and Bay Port High School. Over all those schools, there is 2 teachers, hard working students, and beautiful music.

It is in this district that the students received a great opportunity. Mrs. Novak, a orchestra teacher for Lineville and Bay Port, was able to get Simply Three to come and play a song with each of the orchestras. Now all the schools are getting prepared for this once in a lifetime event. On Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00 pm the concert will start. Each orchestra is going to go up on stage and preform their special song. When all are done, Simply Three will entertain the audience alone. Mrs. Meyers, the other orchestra teacher, was overheard saying "I am really excited and can't wait!" Though it will be hard work everyone is excited.