conserving household water

Different ways that people can save water in your house can be by doing little things like using re-useable water bottles, turning of the tape when you brush your teeth to taking shorter showers and washing clothes in cold water.

If we don't conserve our water and use it without care all the dam's will dry out and the whole world will be in a drought!

The benefits of conserving water are:

-saves money

-maintains health of aquatic life

-reduces use for expensive water treatment

-minimizes water pollution

-saves energy used to heat water

the disadvantages of the not conserving water are basically the opposite and obviously bring bad things instead of good so talking about them is kind of irrelevant.

this is what our water will look like if we don't protect and conserve it.

But we can come together to protect our water and have more for generations for generations on generations.

Octavious brooks