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Pride Productions at Heritage

Upcoming Events for our Fall Play!

Hi Wonderland Families!

Please read the following information to help you prepare for our upcoming Fall Play. We hope that this helps to answer some of your questions - whether you are a new to Pride Productions or a long-time participant.

We recognize that this is a long newsletter, but we encourage you to please read all of it. :)

With many thanks,

Pride Productions at Heritage High School



  1. We need parents to be backstage support for Tech Weeks 1 & 2, as well as performances.

  2. We need your help with other areas of the production, too!

  3. Please sign-up at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f094daaa823a3fe3-wonderland



ONE-DAY THEATRE EVENT: The Magic of Wonderland November 5 (8am-3pm)

On the November 5 Teacher Work day, Pride Productions hosts a special “day in the theatre” for students in Grades 4-8. This is a great chance for ALL of our Crew members and Senior actors to be leaders for the budding theatre artists that join us for the day. We ask Crew members to be here for a 2-hour window and present a 45-minute workshop. ARRIVE: 45 minutes before your presentation & plan to stay 30 minutes after your workshop to clean up.

If you know anyone who would like to register, please send them to heritagedrama.com. There is a button on the main page.


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As discussed at the Wonderland Parent meeting, each family is required to either sell/buy a $25 (or more) Ad for the showbill or create a “raffle basket” of a $25 (or more) value. Your student will be asked to sign up for one or the other.


There is a link for the Ads at http://www.heritagedrama.com/ad-form.html

All ads must be submitted online by October 24th.

RAFFLE BASKET https://hhstheater.wufoo.com/forms/q1ybkor301fwner/

There are a few rules:

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed. Gift cards for tastings, wine glasses, etc are allowed, but no wine.
  • Must have a value of $25 or more
  • Complete the online form describing your basket for approval. We don’t want too many similar baskets.
  • You can “theme” it any way you like--It does not have to be Wonderland themed, although we’d like some.
  • You may join up with another family (or multiple families) to make a spectacular basket. Value must equal the number of families (3 families=$75 value)
  • We can help you come up with ideas if you need it. :)


A Base Costume is what each performer is required to provide for his or her role. This varies by character and includes undergarments, socks/tights and shoes.

The Base Costume list will be posted on the evening of Sunday, Oct 21. Hair and Make-up needs will be shared soon.

PREVIEW DAY: November 1

Select students will travel to local elementary schools to present a preview of Wonderland during the school day. Students must complete a permission form to attend and are responsible for all coursework. LCSP bus transportation provided. More details will follow for those involved in this Preview Day.

Actors: Both Alices, Hatters, Hares, Dormouse(s), Cats, Caterpillars, White Rabbits, Duchesses, Kings and Queen of Hearts


  • This is our chance to put all of the pieces together, so these are the longest rehearsals of the entire process.

  • HPMS students are always dismissed by 9pm, if not earlier. HHS students stay longer – usually around 10:30pm

  • Phones are collected and secured – to maintain focus in rehearsals. Students will have breaks to connect with you.

  • We encourage students to use downtime (time off of stage) to keep up with their studies and homework.

  • We serve dinner on the following days: Nov 5, 6, 7, 12, 14 & 17


  • There will be 8 performances, four for each cast.

  • Students must be at the school by the “call” time. (Call = arrival)

  • Meals are not provided during show days, except on Nov 17.

  • For the last 20-30 minutes before the show we have a series of focused theatre exercises, which we call “circle”. Although it is a tradition at HHS, it is not required.

  • Senior Night is Friday, Nov 16 (at the end of the 7pm performance)

  • Meet & Greet Photo Days (Nov 11 @2pm & Nov 17 @2pm) are the only performances where students can greet their family in costume.

  • At the end of each performance,

o Select crew students (1 PSM + Make-up/Set/Props) provide a Backstage Tour for patrons who have purchased this special pass.

o students clean up and the entire cast & crew leave together, after being dismissed by the directors.

  • Dismissal is from the Blackbox.


  • Mandatory for all HHS students

  • During this event, we take everything apart and organize items that must be returned to closets, etc

  • We will begin at 9am and would like to be done by or before 5pm.

  • We encourage as many people as possible to end their night by supporting Park View’s Theatre Department.

PARK VIEW PERFORMANCE (Sunday, Nov 18 @6pm) – Directly after Strike


Sunday, Nov. 18th, 6-8:30pm

400 West Laurel Avenue

Sterling, VA

  1. Park View will be presenting their own version of Alice on Wonderland
  2. They have added a special performance for us to attend.
  3. It is SO IMPORTANT that we go and support them!
  4. Please bring a baked good to enjoy in a post-show party.
  5. Please RSVP

RSVPs are enabled for this event.