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Why stop the energy we use now?

In a world constantly advancing in technology, industry and population are growing exponentially, and are higher than at any other point in recorded history. However, this expansion has also increased the impact mankind has on the environment. With the excessive use of fossil fuels, or resources formed from the remains of past organisms, society is seeing pollution as an effect both in Texas, across the United States, and all over the globe. Between smog in the air around factories emitting CO2 and oil spills harming ocean ecosystems, few positives come from fossil fuels. In addition to recognizing the effects, people are also realizing the fault in a production system that relies on a limited source. In order to curb the dangers to the longevity of civilization and nature, energy must come from inexhaustible resources that leave little impact on the environment. The key to a sustainable future is to convert to 100% renewable energy use through the decrease of fossil fuels, and increase of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy and overall efficiency.

GASLAND Trailer 2010

Gasland: The Truth Behind Natural Gas

In this documentary, creator Josh Fox emphasizes the problems hydraulic fracking has on the water and air quality of the people that live near the natural gas plants. After being offered $100,000 for a natural gas company to use his land for fracking, Fox travels across the United States to various cities in the Midwest that have had hydraulic fracturing occur near their homes. Fox finds shocking conditions, such as water so contaminated with propane that it is flammable and an increase in carcinogens like benzene and carbon disulfide released from gases. Although companies like Cabot and Encana have claimed to being fixing and correcting the issues their activites have caused, little in actuality seems to be effective. Finally, the film describes the problems in politics with natural gas being seen as a cleaner energy, finding loop holes/exceptions in laws like the Clean Water Act, and having men at more than one branch of the law making systems. The documentary overall captures one of the many ways corrupt fossil fuel corporations have found ways to dodge laws and fail to effectively fix the issues they create.

Texas reaching peak of energy demand!

  • Texas consumes 30 percent more electricity than California, a state 30 percent larger in population. That is a strong fact from "Texas Electricity Problems Facing Peak Demands" due to knowledge of California being a bigger state than Texas.
  • Compared to the other sources this online article creates a personal connection with the viewers from Texas creating a greater affect. By creating this connection with the audience it has much more influence for those who do reside in the state of Texas
  • With this article it informs of the many statistics that have a play in Texas's energy consumption. Also including the investments being made into this use of energy which is over 6.7 Billion dollars

Can we have a world where we use 100% renewable energy?

  • The Supreme Court blocking power plants, the ideas of making the world run on 100% renewable energy, and questioning whether we have all of the resources to power the world with renewable energy is well connected to the thesis because the main resolutions to this global crisis is the usage of wind, hydroelectric and solar power.
  • While all three sources explain how energy is being used right now, the source F and source G highlight key resolutions and and solutions while source E presents a current event that occurred regarding 100% renewable energy.
  • This article was helpful because compared to my other sources, this is very useful because it is an actual published book that provides ideas, innovations and other ways to save the fuels of this world.
  • compared to my other sources, source F is very useful because it is an actual published book that provides ideas, innovations and other ways to save the fuels of this world. Also, according to source G, it provides a good amount of resolutions as well.

Decrease the Fuel ~ Integrate Renewable ~ Convert to Clean

In the article, “The Hidden Cost of Fossil Fuels”, the Union of Concerned Scientists, explains the faults in fossil fuels and ways to make healthy solutions:
  • Fossil fuels pose not only an environmental threat, but a political threat, as countries will be more dependent on each other for sources such as oil, just as the United States finds the supply of oil valuable in the Middle East.
  • Starting with the decrease of coal production could greatly benefit the air quality, as coal is the greatest producer of carbon emissions.
  • Capitalize on cheapness of solar and wind energy
  • Increase efficiency with the introduction of “green architecture” that maximizes energy use with less waste.
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Real Solutions: What Can I Do Now?

While you may not be able to run your own energy corporation or pass huge decisions in government, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved in reversing the crisis. Conserving energy and showing support for change are the best ways to show you care.

  • Make a home plan- look at the different ways you use energy and resources at home. How long do you use the shower? What types of lightbulbs do you use? How much waste comes from your home? Do you recycle? Boosting energy efficiency and decreasing pollution is crucial to making a cleaner environment. Doing this starts with you!
  • Consider solar- Solar energy has dropped to $0.50 a watt. Consider getting in touch with your community and recognizing how much energy comes from solar power. How could it be increased?
  • Show your support- Join clubs, protests, and groups dedicated to protecting the environment and our own health. Bring awareness to the need for renewable resources in any way you can! A bill is passed by majority vote. Make renewable the majority!


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