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BY: A.D Quezada, Micheal Jordan should tell how hard it is

Did you know..

  • William J Price, Micheal Jordan, Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg , say that is a very unlikely chance that you or anyone else would be a professional athletic player.

Numerous reasons that an professinal athelete come to talk to us

Most people don't make it
  • 11.6% make it in professional baseball.
  • 1.7% make it in professional football.
  • 0.9% make it in professional basketball.

why Micheal Jordan should be invited to talk to Stafford athletes

  • Micheal Jordan got cut 16 times from his high school team.
  • He donates $ 250,000 to the athletic program.
  • From other experiences he had(professional athlete) he can tell you how hard it is.

Should be prepared for road blocks

  • Not making a school team or a out of school team
  • Getting a minor injury during the season
  • Not getting good grade(A's and B's).

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