Newton's 100

monstertruck by: Elias Ramos & Sergio Calvillo

Newtons 1st law

Inertia  states that an object will stay  in a current motion till a force stops or moves the object  inertia shows that are car moves because the elastic force from the rubber band allows it to move. A rubber band is a good way to show inertia because if you turn the axle on my car it will apply force to it

newtons 2nd law

f=ma  Force equals mass times acceleration the force depends on how heavy the object is and how fast its going.if the object is heavier the object will go slower  if the object is going faster then it will not move effitiantly 5. you need the same amount of wieght and acceleration for your car to move far and fast  f=ma helps are car because it has wieght and acceleration from the rubberband and the box  

newtons 3rd law

for every reaction there is an opposite or equal reaction this affects are car because the rubber band is the reaction to the car allowing it to move

data collection form

Trial 1 the distance was about 104 cm Trial 2 the distance was 112 cm Trial 3 the distance was about 110 cm


my team went through 3 cars before making are final car in 3 minutes it was amazing when we made it to the finals for both speed ans distance and losing in both but at least we made it with a 3 minute car are car went about 112cm