Matthew Tindall


An object that allows the flow of electricity to go through it.

Ex:Water, Copper, Iron.

When you cook on a pan the bottom is metal (Conductor) so that the heat travels.


Objects that do not allow electors to flow freely, but do not directly stop them either

Ex: Silicone

When I use my computer the silicone in the computer chip is a semiconductor.


Materials that greatly impede or stop the flow of electrons with very high resistance.

Ex: Glass, Dry air, and Rubber

When I drink something hot from a glass, the glass makes my hand not burn.

Compare and Contrast

Conductors unlike insulators help electricity flow through. Conductors are similar to semi conductors though because they both generate energy and let electors flow through, just at different rates. Insulators are also similar to semiconductors, it is just the fact that insulators have high resistance, and semiconductors have medium resistance.