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Job Description

They study water and the water cycle and use their knowledge to solve problems in certain areas about the water availability and it’s quality. They also try to find ways to help areas without much water.


They have to have a masters degree of hydrogeology with a background in the natural sciences. Some states even ask for you to have a license. Some classes you would have to take are math,chemistry and geology.


They get paid a fair amount for the year and obviously it was something they wanted to do for a while. They get to go on many vacations to test the water quality and to see how much water there is in that area.


Some don’t always get to be outside they have to be in offices or laboratories testing water contents and figuring out if the water is drinkable for the people from the area the water came from.
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One of the not so great places to be when you're a hydrogeologist.


$36.39 per hour that’s $75,690 per year!

Interesting Facts

Employment of hydrogeologists are suppose to increase 18% from 2010-2020. Some hydrogeologists actually can earn more money than others if they have been working for a long time.

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