Krimmel Knights

December 4, 2018

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The Rampart: For Students, By Students

Check out The Rampart, an online literary magazine, for students, by students. This online publication was created in 2017. Students can submit their work to be featured online. The Rampart is managed by a dedicated team of students and staff. Check it out!

Dates to Know:

December 2018:

4 - Winter Choir Concert

6 - Crazy Sock Day to Celebrate Former President Bush

11 - High School Semester Exams start, see full schedule below.

14 - 20 Winter Spirit Dress Days

20 - Last day of 1st semester {Early Release day for students}

Honoring President Bush

Klein ISD Families,

This Thursday, December 6, President George H.W. Bush's custom-painted funeral train will be traveling through Klein ISD between 1:10 and 1:40 p.m.

We want to give our community the opportunity to witness this procession and will be covering the event by providing a live stream. You can view our live stream directly at or by visiting our Klein ISD Facebook page.

Additionally, we will be holding school on the National Day of Mourning (Wednesday, Dec. 5). Schools will be honoring President Bush’s legacy with an extended moment of silence.
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MAP Testing Reports

MAP Testing reports are being sent home with students through their math classes on November 28th and 29th.

Please ask your student to see their paper copy of their report from our beginning of the year MAP Testing.

Below is a sample Student Progress Report with explanations for parents, but you can also visit the MAP Testing Parent Toolkit website as well.

Here's a little more about MAP Testing to help you understand why we have students complete MAP Testing and how we use it to drive instruction in the classroom:

MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test created by NWEA that kids take two to three times per school year. The results provide teachers with information to help them deliver appropriate content for each student and determine each student’s academic growth over time.

After each MAP Growth test, results are delivered in the form of a RIT score that reflects the student’s academic knowledge, skills, and abilities. Think of this score like marking height on a growth chart. You can tell how tall your child is at various points in time and how much they have grown between one stage and another.

The RIT (Rasch Unit) scale is a stable, equal-interval scale. Equal-interval means that a change of 10 RIT points indicates the same thing regardless of whether a student is at the top, bottom, or middle of the scale, and a RIT score has the same meaning regardless of grade level or age of the student. You can compare scores over time to tell how much growth a student has made.

MAP Growth helps schools and teachers know what your child is ready to learn at any point in time. Teachers can see the progress of individual students and of their class as a whole. Principals and administrators can see the progress of a grade level, school, or the entire district.

Since students with similar MAP Growth scores are generally ready for instruction in similar skills and topics, it makes it easier for teachers to plan instruction. MAP Growth also provides typical growth data for students who are in the same grade, subject, and have the same starting performance level. This data is often used to help students set goals and understand what they need to learn to achieve their goals.

Tutoring Days and Times by Department

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Winter Spirit Days

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Early Dismissal Day: Students will eat lunch as normal, and then will be dismissed at 1:25 pm.

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Watch D.O.G.S. Hall of Fame

Krimmel Athletics Information

Names and Numbers to Know

Principal, Prentiss Harper, 832-375-7220,

Principal's Secretary, Liz Harrison, 832-375-7220,

Receptionist, Janice Engel, 832-375-7202,

Attendance, Delia Gardner, 832-375-7210,

Clinic, Jenni Yancey and Dorothea Trotter, 832-375-7212, or

Registrar, Robin Wilmes, 832-375-7141,

6th Grade Office:

Secretary, Kaye Lee, 832-375-7160,

Counselor, Aimee Thompson, 832-375-7164,

Assistant Principal, Tanya Brogger, 832-375-7165,

7th Grade Office:

Secretary, Elizabeth Alexander, 832-375-7170,

Counselor, Amber Pryor, 832-375-7174,

Assistant Principal, Ryan Youngblood, 832-375-7175,

8th Grade Office:

Secretary, Tiffany Kirtley, 832-375-7180,

Counselor, Dora Hass, 832-375-7184,

Associate Principal, Stephanie Langner, 832-375-7185,

Special Education Department:

Secretary, Erin Stevenson, 832-375-7152,

Case Manager, Marenthia Nealy, 832-375-7154,

Case Manager, Terri Leo, 832-375-7153,