The Taj Mahal

All about the Taj Mahal!

The Taj Mahal is a beauty! Take a look at the white marble and amazing structure. You would want to visit this place if you knew more about it.

A new place

Shah Jahan could not bear the pain. The loss was to painful to live with. He had to do something. He began 17 years of work and thus, the Taj Mahal was created.

Shah Jahan's Story

Shah Jahan married four women in his life. But the loss of the fourth wife, who died giving birth the their 14th and last baby child, put him in a phase of sorrowful pain. He then began the building the Taj Mahal with 20,000 other men workers. It started in 1632, as a "monument" for his wife, his loving, beautiful wife. (It is believed that when the creation was finished, the hands of all the workers were cut off. True or not, the reason is still unexplained.)

The Final Product and Design

The Taj Mahal was completed in 1653, about 17 years to finish! He really did love the many wives he had! However, there was much more than beauty, there was design. There was the interior that everyone desired. It was just pure white marble all the way through, up and down, left and right. There were 560 rooms and 44 suites, and the front of the Taj Mahal had this large circular "ball" shape with a long, vertical rod standing on the top, resembling an onion in my opinion. The building also had four solo structures in the four corners, each having the same onion shape on each of their tips. What a creation!!


Despite of Shah Jahan's sad and eventful life, his sorrow created one of the most beautiful and tourist attracted buildings in India!! Never did he know his creation would be recognized worldwide!