Canada's wonders!

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Where we live

Most Canadians live in the southern part of Canada for many reasons. One of witch is that because most of its northern half is in the artic making most of it too cold to live year round. Another thing is that there is rarely any resources up north an occasional mine or two. For most mining is near the Canadian shield witch is warmed up by the Hudson bay. Not only that but it is much easier to ship products near the southern half of Quebec and across the Atlantic ocean. Rather than travel through the artic ocean full of icebergs and glaciers. Allowing more jobs for people in the area. Plus the southern part is closer to the U.S allowing more trade.

Our government

Canada is constructional monarchy because although England does not control Canada anymore it is a tradition for here to choose a leader to one of the Provinces. Not only that but it is a Parliamentary democracy due to they have a prime minister instead of a president. But it is still a Federation because the power is shared between the provinces and the national government. Canadians have the responsibilities to obey the law, take care of one's self and family and lastly to serve it the jury are some of them.

Canada's portriat

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