OES Virtual Learning

March 28th

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Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

This is an unprecedented time for all of us and I hope that you are all doing well. Our teachers are SO excited to reconnect with their students and families!

As we get ready to restart the school year virtually, please keep in mind that although our teachers and staff have been working hard to transform their traditional classrooms into virtual ones, the first week will not be perfect. We know that some of you will need time to process the format, have technical issues or might not understand an assignment. We also know that you will have to work out tricky schedules for sharing devices and balancing your own work schedules. It is okay. Our teachers have considered these issues, when planning their lessons. Students will have about 2 to 2 1/2 hours of work per week per subject, but we have also included extra practice for those that have the time and access.

Please also keep in mind that our teachers have worked tirelessly over the past two weeks to transform their classroom into a virtual setting. Their assignments won't be perfect, links might not work, and other unforeseen events may occur. Please be patient with them.

We are stronger together. And when we work together as team to support each other we will all learn a lot, deepen our resilience and strengthen the bonds of our OES community.

Finally, please remind your students to be good citizens. Our Chromebooks and their Google accounts are monitored for inappropriate language, searches, etc. Also, they are expected to use school appropriate words when completing assignments and interacting with others.

Most of all, please remind them to be kind to everyone.

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View this Tutorial on Using Google Classroom

Check out this video for some great tips on using Google Classroom, including:

1. How to login to Google Classroom for the first time

(1:35) https://youtu.be/N5UQ2V3nRp4?t=95

2. Where to find classes and assignments in Google Classroom

(2:58) https://youtu.be/N5UQ2V3nRp4?t=178

3. How to submit different types of assignments in Google Classroom

(5:43) https://youtu.be/N5UQ2V3nRp4?t=343

4. Connecting with classmates in Google Classroom

(11:28) https://youtu.be/N5UQ2V3nRp4?t=688

Your Child's Google Classroom & Virtual Learning

Your child will have all week to complete the tasks assigned. Please be sure he or she checks in for each task. This will help us know that your child is participating. For more information on how to check in, please watch this brief video.

Also, our Specials teachers have been hard at work creating fun activities for your children. Please make sure students check in at Specials, using the same Check In system.

Our ESE and Resource teachers have also been working to create a virtual setting for our students. Mrs. Haba and Mrs. Schaffer have been reaching out to their students. Students who are receiving MTSS interventions will have access to our Resource teachers.

Accelerated Reader is now accessible from home. Students may take tests from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 30 minutes. Mrs. Gamboa will have some information on her Specials page, regarding how to check out books electronically.

We appreciate all of the effort our teachers have put forth to create an entirely new educational setting in just a few weeks.

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Taking Care of Your Family's Emotional Well Being

Please read this informative Blog posted from Shorecrest School in St. Petersburg about Emotional Well Being. It contains a lot of great advice. Also, remind your children to use what they learned in our Mind Up curriculum. For instance, starting with having a Mindful Minute, like we do at school every morning.