Feed Teaching Component

Pg. 245-255


76.2% (Pg. 245-248)

  • While Titus slept on Violet's lawn, she sends him the response she finally received from the FeedTech, which the message was a full feed-sim of Violet's sensations.
  • After Titus opened the message, he is able to feel how Violet felt when she went malfunction and couldn't have control over himself and he was falling down stairs.
  • Then Nina, from the FeedTech appeared and tell Violet/Titus "FeedTech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement" (Anderson 246).
  • Nina tell Violet the reason that the FeedTech Corp is not going to fix her simply because "[they] don't feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time. No one could get what we call a 'handle' on your shopping habits, like for example you asking for information about all those wow and brag products and then never buying anything" (Anderson 247).
  • Then Nina suggests Violet if she starts buying stuff maybe it will get the interest of their investment team, but Violet calls her father and tells Nina to go away since she fell down the stairs and is all alone down at the basement.
  • That's the end of Violet's message/the end of her memory. Titus felt her pain through the message.
  • Titus wakes up with a headache at Violet's lawn and Titus then told Violet that he didn't know about the refusal, which got Violet kind of mad about him since he didn't ask before, not until Violet sent him the feed-sim message.
  • After a long silent, Titus started to want Violet to grab his hand while Violet just keep talking about Diatribe on tour.
  • After they stopped talking. Violet asked Titus if he has to go, which Titus said yes then left.
  • The next day, Violet's arms stopped working for an hour, and she panicked and had to be given a sedative.

59.3% (pg. 252-255)

  • During the night, Titus received tons of Violet's messages because Violet is afraid that she is going to start losing her memories, so she is hoping that if she does, Titus can tell her her memories.
  • However, Titus stops opening her messages because he is afraid of looking at it.
  • Violet is sending Titus messages every minutes, which gave Titus a headache because the messages that Violet sent is taking too much memory room.
  • "I deleted everything she had sent me" (Anderson 254). Although Titus felt bad of doing so, he felt way too much burden of opening them since he have no idea how to deal with it.
  • Then Violet chatted Titus about weekend idea, but Titus didn't know what she's talking about that he just simply ignore her.
  • Titus then lied in his bed, did nothing but stare at the walls of his room.

Literary Lenses


From the passage, "So I'm going to tell you some things. Especially the things before I got the feed. You're the most important person in my life. I'm going to tell you everything in my life. I'm going to tell you everything. Some day, I might want you to tell it back to me" (Anderson 253). We can see that Violet is becoming more and more rely on Titus that she sent him all her memories before she thought she would forget.


From the passage, "Violet, if we check out some of the great bargains available to you through the feednet over the next six months, we might be able to create consumer portrait of you that would interest our investment team.... Shop till you stop and drop!" (Anderson 247). The FeedTech agency, Nina, is trying to tell Violet to buy stuffs so that the Corporate can gain their interest on her and maybe invest on fixing her feed again, yet Violet does not come from a wealth family and even does what Nina said, "shop till you stop and drop!" Since she didn't even have that kind of money to do so.

Essential Quesiton

How has technology changed our communication?

Technology has changed our communication in many different ways that are both good and bad, simply depend on how people use it.

Technology makes our communication way more easier than before, where back then people have to wait for days or even months for their letter to get it to the other person's hand. Compare to now, people can simply text one and another with their phones or computers. In the case of the book, Feed, people can even get the message to one another simply by thinking it and tell the feed that is in their brain what to do. People in the Feed, are even able to send a feed-sim message to one another, where people is able to send their memory to other people and the receiver is able to feel what the sender felt. "I was Violet, walking down the stairs in her house" (Anderson 245).

Discussion Question

After you read, go back to page 290 and reread the section where Violet father claims "we Americans... are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in how they were produced or what happens to them." What happens to them once we discard them?