Red White And AHHHHH

Patriot Landing


Have you ever road a red white and AHHHHH coaster.Get ready hold on tight the Patrits about to take flight.

cool features

Have you ever been to Worlds Of Fun. Have you seen the Patriot the red white and blue. Your feet dangle you can choose to take your shoes off STINKEY. Some of the features are loop de loop,cork screws, feet hang and one big first drop.


Now I will tell you abouta simmiler ride called Venom. It is located in Ohio it is one of the most populer coasters at the theam park.


Now I will talk about the ratings of the Patriot. Nine out of ten people said Patriot the other 1.9% said the Mamba.


I hope you have learned alot from this and I hope you can publish a feature article on your favorite ride.