My Birthday

August 25, 2001 -- 5,195 days old


High temperature- 85° F

Average temperature- 76°

Low temperature-67°

0 inches of rain/ snow

Average Cost of:

House- $136,150

Rent- $715

Income- $42,350

Standard Car- $25,850

Luxury Car- $55-75k

Stamp- $.34

Gas- $1.46

Going to the Movies- $5.66

Jeans- $10

Food Example's Costs:

1 LB of Bacon- $3.22

1 LB Ground Coffee- $3.06

Loaf of Bread- $1.82

Dozen Eggs- $.90

Gallon of Milk- $1.19


Must have toys: Bop It, LeapPad, Hot wheels, Barbie Jeep

Tv shows: Hey Arnold!, Lizzie McGuire, the powerpuff girls, Rugrats, Blues Clues

Top three songs- "everywhere"- Michelle Branch, "angel" - shaggy, "hanging by a moment"- life house

Top three movies- Harry potter, lord of the rings, Donnie Darko

Three biggest movie stars born in 2001- Rowan Blanchard, tailor Grubbs, Jackson brundage

People I Share a Birthday With

On August 25, 2001

Sunday, Nov. 15th, 9pm


China Anne McClain

Billy Ray cyrus

Blake Lively

Tim burton

Gene Simmons

During the months of 2001:


-120 people killed and trampled in Ghana

-earthquake on Gujarat, India kills 20,000 people

-leaning tower of Pisa reopened and mAde more safe

-46% of California is blackout

Fashion trends:

In the beginning the main fashion was high tech clothing with metallic fabric, a lot of black and military touches. After the debut of the iPod the new trend was white earbuds coming out of your ears