8th Grade Year

by: Tess Kinne

8th grade.

This newspaper is going to talk to you about things that happened in 8th grade in OTMS and things to do and what to follow and what not to do. I might even share some good stories about things that happened this year.

Kids doing back flips during a fire drill.

Back flips

I walk in to social studies and sit down.

"In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Ok class today we are going to take a dca." Says Mr.talbott


"Ok everyone we are going to do a fire drill, please listen to your teachers." says Mr.sheaperd

Everyone lines up at the door and starts to walk down the stairs to go out side. As all the classes are getting out of the school and getting in their spots and taking attendance, Mrs.Reece's class was just a little bit farther away from us but as this was all going on, my friend Kylee and her friend Emily were doing back flips. They were pretty cool.

We all start to walk in and sit down back in class and the intercom comes on,

"Ok kids we are going to have to do this again because someone was doing back flips and that is not right." says Mr.Shepard.


Clothing at otms.

Why clothing at otms is different? Clothing at otms is different in many ways. Shorts are to be down to the finger tips but some kids argue that as long as the shorts don't show my butt i'm fine. Tank tops can be worn now was long as they are 3 fingers or more. Last year this was fought for by many 7th graders because we were not aloud to show are shoulders at all. Backpacks can only be string backpacks and no regular backpacks. Backpacks are argued regularly by students in the halls each day. Flipflops can be worn at otms. Clothing here has been changed over the years but they have finally came to an agreement on all clothing rules.

Testing and turning in work.


Testing is very important part of school. Why is testing very important? Things that help you when you test are getting a good nights sleep and studying well. Testing helps teachers find out what you have learned in the unit and sometimes during the whole year. Testing is a way to see if you remember things. You should get a good amount of sleep before the night of a test. Getting a good amount of sleep will give you good energy to take the test. A lot of kids don't go tot bed early and get a good amount of sleep which greatly effects there test scores. When studying for a test, study for a little bit of time each night then cramming it all in at once. Study certain parts of the test each night to ensure that you will know the material for the test. Some kids do not study or just study the night before or right before the test, which is not a good.

Turning in work.

Turning in your work is very important. Why is turning in your work a good idea? Turning in work is a great way to get good grades and make your teachers happy. Turning in work can get your grades up and before you turn in your work, you should always double check to make sure everything is filled out, every part of the question is answered and everything is right. Turning in work is something your teachers love. Teachers love it because it helps you get a good grade and when you turn it in on time they don't have to do extra work. Some kids do neither of these things and it puts a great toll on there grade and teachers do not like it .