7th Grade Newsletter

Believe Motivate Succeed

December 14 - December 18

Grade Level Information

Upcoming Dates:

  • Quarter 2 Benchmarks 12/11-12/16
  • December 18th - End of Q2/Snow Jam
  • December 21st - January 4th - Winter Break

Important Information:

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Field Trip to Zoo Atlanta

Field trip payments can no longer be made through "My Payments Plus". Please send all future payments to your child's first period teacher. The next payment of $20 is due by February 5th.

Language Arts

Cable: A Night to Remember; 3rd Independent Reading Report/Project Due Monday Dec. 14th!

Johnson: Finish reading A Night to Remember, fill out graphic organizer for argumentative essay.

Taylor: Continue novel: A Night to Remember. 2nd fiction plot chart/character web due Thursday 17th or earlier.


7th Grade Math: We will continue Part 2 of Unit 3. Our focus will be simple interest. The unit test will be Thursday, December 17th.

Accelerated Math: We will continue Unit 5: Exponents. The unit test will be Thursday, December 17th. The test will cover exponents, scientific notation, square roots, and roots.


Larson/Cochran: We will prepare for our benchmark exam, which will be held on Tuesday, December 15. Please encourage your child to study for this exam over the weekend so he or she will be prepared for the exam.

Webster: I cancelled the test over the digestive system that was scheduled for Wednesday, December 9. I did not feel as though students were ready. Instead, that information will be covered on the Benchmark Test on Tuesday, the 15th. Students received a study guide on Thursday and can use Quizlets to review the information. Go to https://quizlet.com. Students can then log in. My Quizlets are under bmswebster.

Duncan: The Science Benchmark Test will be given on Tuesday. We will be dissecting frogs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Social Studies

Social studies classes will be doing review activities for the Benchmark test which will be given on Wednesday, December 16th.​

Parent Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

  • With your child, rake leaves or pick up trash around your neighborhood to make it look nice.

  • If your child doesn’t know how to do laundry, teach him. Competence makes kids feel good.

  • Talk about honesty and why it is so important. Find examples of people who demonstrate honesty

  • Bake cookies with your child. If you’re doubling a recipe, have him do the math.