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CHS Weekly: August 30 - September 5, 2020



We provide an engaging, inspiring, and caring learning experience for all our students.

School Starts Remotely on September 8

The Board of Trustees adopted starting the school year in red status (all remote) for the first week of the school year, starting September 8, during their regular meeting on August 25. West Ada School District will be in remote learning with the understanding that Central District Health may change their guidance and that the district administration can move the district into yellow (alternating day schedule) one week following that announcement. Trustees also added to the fall reopening plan mandatory masks, under yellow and red categories, including related operations.

Trustees also encouraged teachers and administrators, while operating in the red category, to welcome back students in-person in small groups or individually so they may distribute devices and learning materials.

First Day of School at CHS

ALL students, Grades 9-12, will be remote for the first week of school and while the district is in the red category. More information concerning device distribution will be provided to families next week. Students will have computers prior to their first day of remote learning on September 8.

First Day Expectations:

  • Students log in to Microsoft Teams, according to the Centennial Bell Schedule, with their West Ada email and district provided password - District link to Microsoft
  • Teachers will take attendance in each class period and provide synchronous or live instruction, group work or guided instruction via Teams
  • Assignments will be provided via Teams and turned in via Teams. Grades will be posted in PowerSchool for parents to access.
  • During the first week of school and while we are in red, students are expected to login to Teams DAILY, following the bell schedule in order to access classroom instruction and materials
  • Textbooks are online/digital, with some exceptions. Textbooks, novels and classrooms materials necessary for classroom instruction will be made available to students during device distribution (TBD).

CLICK HERE to access the Fall Reopening Plan from West Ada School District

Microsoft Teams Full Student Guide. Remote Learning & Teaching


Quarter 1 student schedules are available to students/families through PowerSchool. Schedules will show a students semester 1 classes, which includes Quarter 1 (A day). We are waiting for ClassChoice to be OPEN for families and students to have access to their full school year schedule.

Students are strongly encouraged to check their schedules as soon as possible to ensure that they are on track to graduate. Schedule change forms will ONLY be accepted electronically and ONLY one change form may be submitted per student. ALL SCHEDULE CHANGES ARE FINAL!

Based on your submission of a schedule change request form, the student's School Counselor will reach out to the student directly via West Ada student e-mail regarding requests. You will hear from your School Counselor via student e-mail if your changes have been approved or denied.

Please keep in mind that schedule change requests are NOT guaranteed. School Counselors will make every effort to accommodate your requests. However, due to class sizes and in an effort to adhere to physical and social distancing requirements there is very little flexibility.​​​​​​​

CLICK HERE to access the electronic schedule change form.

An updated list of school counselors can be found on the school website. Remember, students are assigned to school counselors based on STUDENT LAST NAME:


Assigned high school student teams are available for view in PowerSchool. Students will be placed in either Team 1=Maroon or Team 2=Silver. Team designations will be noted in PowerSchool by showing T1 or T2 next to the student's name. Teams have been assigned to aid Centennial in physical distancing, limiting the number of students on campus and in classrooms daily.

Students are placed into their assigned team based on their primary parent/guardian's last name in PowerSchool. A-K = Team 1/Maroon and L-Z = Team 2/Silver. If you are interested in appealing your Team designation and have a justified reason, there is a district appeal process to go through - CLICK HERE for access to the form. Please understand that to maintain physical distancing on campus appeals will be considered on a case by case basis, however there is no guarantee that a team designation will be changed.

Appeals should be sent to Julie Nimmo, CHS Registrar at nimmo.julie@westada.org - only electronic submissions will be accepted. ALL appeal forms are due no later than Wednesday, September 2. Parents will be informed of an appeal approval or denial by Friday, September 4.

Juniors and Seniors who would like to take the ACT

You must sign-up for this on your own at act.org

  • Upcoming test dates are: Sept. 12,13,19
  • Deadline to sign up for all 3 is Aug. 31st
  • Cost is $55



September 7 – West Ada School District offices closed for Labor Day

September 8 – First day of school - remote learning

October 14 - 12th Grade SAT & 10th Grade PSAT- NO SCHOOL 9th and 11th grades

November 3 - Remote Learning Day K-12


In line with the Central District Board of Health requirement for Ada County, students will be REQUIRED to wear school appropriate face masks or face shields while on campus (both indoors and outdoors) and in places when social distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained. Exceptions would require a physician's note submitted to the school nurse prior to the start of the school year. Students without a mask, face shield or physician's note will be asked to leave campus.

Students will be NOT be permitted to use lockers. In lieu of lockers, students are encouraged to use their vehicle, if they have one, and will be permitted to carry backpacks on campus. Exceptions would require a physician's note submitted to the school nurse prior to the start of the school year in addition to a "locker contract".

Students will be asked to sanitize before entering classrooms and before leaving classrooms. In addition, teachers will sanitize classrooms between periods. Students may be asked to sanitize their personal work stations, e.g. desks or shared school equipment such as a music stands, microscopes, school calculators, etc.

A detailed Health and Saftey Plan for the 2020-2021 school year can be found on the Centennial website: CLICK HERE


  • Masks are required per Ada County mandate.
  • No lockers- students will carry backpacks.
  • Students will move through the hallways on the right hand side.
  • When waiting in lines, students will stand 6 feet apart.
  • Drinking fountains will be turned off and filling stations will be available for students with water bottles that have a straw or flap they drink from e.g. Hydroflask.
  • Vending machines will not be available to students so please plan ahead in regards to snacks and beverages.
  • Students will sanitize their hands upon entering/exiting each classroom and additional sanitation stations will be place throughout the building.
  • Classrooms and locker rooms will be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Students will bring their assigned laptops and assignments will be turned in and returned digitally.
  • Staggered release of students at the end of period two for lunch and period four for dismissal. Sophomore students are encouraged to go off campus for lunch. Students should contact their grade level Vice Principal for an off-campus lunch permit.
  • Flexible seating in various locations e.g. Social Center/Cafeteria of the building for social distancing purposes.

Please note that we are updating our safety plan on a regular basis and will continue to revise and adjust to best meet the safety needs of our students.


Facial coverings and physical/social distancing will be new for students this year. We want to make sure that this is a seamless transition for your students. Here are some tips to aid in this:

  • One of the most important things to remember is children are great at mirroring what they see from the adults in their lives.
  • Have multiple masks, so you can wash them daily and have back-ups ready.
  • Label your child’s masks clearly in a permanent marker so that they are not confused with those of other children.
  • Explain the importance of wearing a mask and how it protects other people from getting sick.
  • As a family, model wearing masks, especially when you are in situations where physical distancing is difficult to maintain or impossible.
  • If you have a young child, help build their comfort wearing a mask and become comfortable seeing others in masks.
  • Praise your child for wearing a mask correctly.
  • Put a mask on stuffed animals.
  • Draw a mask on a favorite book character.
  • Show images of other children wearing masks.
  • Allow your child to choose their mask that meets any dress requirements your school may have.
  • Consider providing your child with a container (e.g., labeled resealable bag) to bring to school to store their masks when not wearing it (e.g., when eating).

Recognizing there are circumstances in which a child may not be able to wear a mask, please contact your School Nurse prior to the start of school on September 8.

Choose masks that:

  • Fits snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Completely cover the nose and mouth

  • Are secured with ties or ear loops

  • Include multiple layers of fabric

  • Allow for breathing without restriction

  • Can be washed and machine dried without damage or change to shape


Prior to the beginning of the school year on Tuesday, Sep. 8th we kindly ask that you update your PowerSchool information. You will find various agreements in PowerSchool e.g. rigor contracts (honors and AP students), student handbook forms, etc. that are required by families every year. You can click the button below to be redirected.

On September 8th student schedules will be available in PowerSchool. If you do not know your PowerSchool username and/or password or are having trouble logging in, please contact the the district HelpDesk at 208-350-5300, Monday through Friday from 7:30am-4:00pm. For more information on District Technology Support or to LIVE CHAT with a specialist, CLICK HERE.


This summer West Ada ordered 11,750 student devices for high school students. Those devices are expected to arrive to West Ada the week of August 31st. It is our hope that devices are delivered on time and we can distribute a school issued device to ALL Centennial High School students during the first week of school. If you have a school issued device at home (from remote learning or summer school) or a hotspot we ask that you please return them to CHS as soon as possible so that you can be issued an updated school device.

Personal devices will be distributed to students on the first day of school if we are in “yellow”. If we are in “red”, further communication will be sent out to parents regarding the distribution of devices.

In addition to student devices, West Ada will also provide a Bump Armor "Tech-Pro" case to every child in grades 2-12. Cases are expected to arrive the week of September 8 and be distributed to students shortly thereafter. Although there are a number of colors available, for the 20-21 school year, the only color ordered was black. The Tech-Pro's rigid case is designed to protect student devices when being carried between classes and in student backpacks. Features of the Tech-Pro case include:

  • Best-in-class rugged protective sleeve
  • 6-sided protection including high-density stiffeners and foam padding
  • Slim exterior pocket for accessories
  • Long-lasting commercial quality zippers
  • Adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap (included) & retracting side handle
  • Built-in ID window

Concerns regarding internet access will be addressed as needed, including using “pucks” and coordination with internet providers for lower-cost connection. Please contact the Front Office at (208) 855-4250 and speak to either Mrs. Redd or Mrs. Inserra to notify them of your family's need.

CLICK HERE to access the West Ada District Responsible Use Agreement

CLICK HERE to access the Parent Student Device Handbook

CLICK HERE to access Teams & Office 365 for students/families

Supplemental Levy Approved by Voters

West Ada School District’s supplemental levy was approved by voters on August 25, 2020. It provides the district $14 million per year for two years. This supplemental levy is a continuation of one first approved by voters in 2012. The taxes levied by West Ada School District continue decreasing – even with the approval of this supplemental levy.

A sincere thanks goes out to all who participated in voting.

Read more about the supplemental levy here: www.westada.org/SupplementalLevy2020


West Ada School District's goal during the Remote Learning period was to make sure all our students are ready for school this fall.

  • Our district curriculum teams in coordination with classroom teachers have identified Fall Ready targets for English Language Arts and Mathematics, K-12.
  • Specifically, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and our school closure; these targets are those that are the most critical for students as they move to the next grade level or course.
    • These targets are those that make the most sense for the 4th quarter of our school year instructionally and/or those which likely haven’t been mastered at this point in the school year.
  • These targets are consistent across the district; however, each building team of teachers will make necessary adjustments as needed based on individual student learning needs.

The district curriculum and assessment departments are working together to create assessments K-12 for English Language Arts and Math. These assessments will be administered in the fall to identify where individual students are in terms of readiness for the new grade level or course.

For more information on grade level Learning Targets CLICK HERE.


Families interested in updating student nutrition accounts may do so directly through the school's Cafeteria or online at www.mypaymentsplus.com. For more information on School Nutrition: menus, meal costs, making online lunch payments, etc. please visit the School Nutrition Services site through West Ada School District.

Free and reduced meals are available to families who qualify. If you receive Idaho-issues food stamps, your child qualifies for free meals at school. Applications must be completed annually and all families are encouraged to apply. To complete an online application for free and reduced meals - Click here!

LUNCH PERMIT (10th grade students ONLY)

Freshman students are NOT permitted to leave campus and must remain on campus in designated areas.

Juniors and Seniors (11th and 12th graders) are permitted to leave campus at lunch without a permit.

Sophomores interested in leaving campus at lunch may ONLY do so with a completed Lunch Permit application(see link below) and receive a Student ID tag from their Vice Principal, Mr. Haener.


This agreement is being established as a result of the West Ada School District’s closed campus policy (Policy No. 504.50). Upon request of the parent/guardian, the student is permitted to leave the Centennial High School campus at lunch time.

  • Upon verification of a parent/guardian request Centennial High School will issue the student a written Lunch Permit.
  • The lunch permit and student ID must be shown upon request any time the student leaves the school campus for lunch. If the permit and the ID are not in the student’s physical possession the student should remain on campus for the lunch period.

This contract and the Lunch Permit will be revoked if:

  • The student receives or is receiving a grade of F in any class
  • The student commits a major discipline violation
  • The student abuses the privilege or is found to have misrepresented the situation in any matter
  • The student receives a third tardy in his/her class directly following the lunch period

By completing this form (see link below) you are entering into an agreement, in which parent/guardian assumes all liability for student actions while the student is off campus.

CLICK HERE to complete a Lunch Permit Application


Parking Permit applications are ONLY accepted electronially. CLICK HERE to be directed to the application. Parking Permits are $10.00 and can be paid through myschoolfees.com or with the Centennial Bookkeeper, Mrs. Steinmetz. Upon completion of the online form and submission of payment, Security will deliver parking permits directly to students during the first two weeks of school.

CTE Student Self-Transportation form - CLICK HERE

Parking at Centennial High School is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT. It is important that you follow all rules. This assists us in achieving the goal of providing a safe campus and a parking lot for all students. Parking privileges may be lost or suspended.

1. Adhere to the posted speed limit of 10mph at all times (including evenings and weekends)
2. Park only in spaces allocated for student parking (designated lot in front of the school and the lot on the east side of the tennis courts.)
3. Do not park outside of designated parking stall.
4. Do not have passengers in the open bed of a pickup.
5. Drivers and ALL passengers must wear seatbelts.
6. Students may not park in the following areas:

  • Visitor Parking
  • Along any yellow curb
  • Fire Lanes marked in RED or in the space marked POLICE PARKING ONLY
  • Faculty Parking located in the following areas:
    • The EAST parking lot next to the busing area
    • The WEST parking lot by the stadium

7. Follow the parking guidelines:

  • Drive the correct direction up each aisle
  • DO NOT pull through parking spaces to the next aisle
  • Parking permits may be revoked for anyone who transports an underclassman off campus at anytime during the school day.
  • CHS has a closed campus policy; students should refrain from the following;
    • Using cars as a locker- students are not allowed to go to cars during class time. In an emergency, check with an administrator or security officer
    • Do not loiter in cars for prolonged periods of time when arriving before school and at lunch
  • Parking permit should be hung from the rear view mirror to be clearly visible from the front of thevehicle.

✓ It is the responsibility of the owner of the permit to register the vehicle with the security office. Tickets issued at school are $15 for the 1st ticket, $20 for the 2nd, and $25 for the 3rd. Upon receipt of the 4th and any subsequent tickets, in addition to a $30 fine, the vehicle may be towed, at the owner’s expense, and the parking privileges revoked. Parking in visitor spaces or in the faculty lot may result in a loss of parking privileges.


CLICK HERE for instructions on how to access the "Bus Stop Locator"

All bus stop times are +/- 5 minutes. Please make sure your student is ready at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time. During winter weather buses may be 10-15 minutes late.

All Wednesday bus stop times are 15 minutes later for morning pick up. This corresponds to West Ada School District's 15 minute "Late start Wednesday" meeting time for teachers.

Student Transportation will mirror the district’s new normal safety precautions and preventative measures and align with the State’s “Idaho Back to School Framework 2020”

  • Mask policies will mirror the district’s requirements for schools
  • High-touch surfaces will be disinfected between groups of students and buses will be deep cleaned at the same frequency as schools

New Bus procedures include:

  • Students will receive instruction on maintaining physical distancing while waiting for the bus
  • Students will load and unload one seat at a time in an orderly manner
  • Students will be seated with siblings
  • Buses will be operated with windows down for airflow as conditions allow


Items may include but are not limited to:

  • Perfume sprays, deodorant and/or any item that could cause an allergic reaction.
    • Sports balls and bats (unless they are completely contained within a zippered bag).
  • Skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades. These items are NOT allowed on the bus unless they are totally contained in a zippered bag.


  • Weapons, Laser Pens, Drugs & Alcohol, Cigarettes or other Tobacco products such as Vapor Cigarettes, Flammable Objects (including lighters), Explosive Devices, Hoverboards, and Animals (see district policy for service animal exceptions)


Phone: 208-229-8500

West Ada School District Liaison: 208-855-4500


West Ada works with the Idaho High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and the Southern Idaho Conference (SIC) to develop plans for activities and athletics in fall of the 2020-2021 school year.

For extra-curricular programs/events, West Ada School District will follow the guidelines laid out in the IHSAA Guidance document, the Idaho Rebounds Stages, as well as any specific guidance from CDH related to activities/athletics.

For all extra-curricular events we:

  • Encourage physical distancing.
  • Teach and reinforce the use of face coverings whenever possible.
  • Routinely clean and disinfect equipment and surfaces.
  • Discourage sharing of water bottles and cups.
  • Provide and encourage hand washing and use of hand sanitizer often.
  • Encourage athletes to participate in individual drills and activities.
  • Encourage participants to use their own equipment, when possible.
  • Monitor athletes and coaches/staff for signs and symptoms of COVID, require ill persons to stay home

As a result of the pandemic, many of our activities have been postponed until August 17. If you have questions regarding athletic practices, tryouts or schedules please refer to the CHS Website >> Athletics and select the sport/activity for detailed information.

Prior to participating on a team for Centennial High School, athletes must provide the Athletic Department with current address, emergency contact, insurance, medical alert and health history information EVERY YEAR. To expedite this process Centennial High School uses an online data entry system referred to as SWOL or SportsWare OnLine. Detailed instructions on accessing and entering your student information in SWOL are available online: CLICK HERE. The file has also been inserted below for your convenience.


Make sure to pay any optional school fees either online through myschoolfees.com or directly with the Bookkeerper, Mrs. Steinmetz. If you prefer to pay with check or cash, you can visit the Bookkeeper’s office, between the hours of 9:00am-3:00pm.


  • Pay to Participate - $110 (required to participate in sports – currently only taking payments for fall sports)
  • Concussion Test - $5.00
  • Drivers Ed. - $250.00
  • Activity Card - $44.52 (tax included) (required for all activities)
  • Parking Permit - $10
  • Replacement ID - $6.00
  • Yearbook - $68.90 (tax included)


Student fines are due to the Bookkeeper, Mrs. Steinmetz, ASAP!!!

Parents\Students: Please log into myschoolfees.com and check to see if you owe CHS money. If you participated in a Fall, Winter or Spring sport, checked out books in the library or haven't returned textbooks, sports equipment or technology, you will likely have a fine. If you have questions please contact the teacher, coach, library or security (parking fines) to get answers to your questions. Thank you!!!


Start thinking about your future and college now! The earlier you start planning the better off you will be in the end. For information regarding colleges, scholarships, financial aid, college entrance exams, please go to the Career Center or contact our College & Career Counselors - townsley.alyson@westada.org OR jerome.breeonna@westada.org.

Fast Forward:

The cost per credit is $75 and all students have access to use money towards Dual Credits, Overload Classes, and AP Exams.


Senior students planning to graduate early must make an appointment with their school counselor ASAP to meet virtually or over the phone in September. The application deadline is early September 2020.

All credits must be completed prior to the end of the first semester to qualify as an early graduate and participate in the graduation ceremony.

Independent Study/Correspondence Courses: The West Ada school district has approved specific courses to fulfill graduation requirements, so it is important to discuss these options with your counselor before enrolling in a correspondence courses.