Please Help Me!

Panthera Tigris Sumatrae

How I look like:

  • I am the smallest of all the tiger subspecies;
  • Tiger male is only about 265 pounds around eight feet long from head to tail;
  • The female is quite a bit smaller to about 200 pounds seven feet long;
  • deep orange fur, sometimes verging to red, with black stripes;
  • It helps me camouflage myself as I dart with agile precision through the long grasses of my habitat;
  • very long back legs, which allow the tigers to jump great distances;
  • particularly long fur around our faces, giving us a distinctive manned appearance;
  • We do have webbed feet this allows us to swim easily and farther in search of food.

Georaphic Location and Habitat

The part of Indonesia in which these creatures live is characterised by its swamps, rivers, lowlands and Montane and peat forests. These wet conditions are ideal for the Sumatran Tiger, which is a particularly good swimmer, and can pursue its prey in water quite efficiently. They do eat whatever they do catch as in badgers, rabbits, and wild cattle.

Role in Ecosystem.

The Sumatran Tiger is a carnivore in the Indonesia island. It is on top of the food chain!
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Threats and solutions!

The Sumatran Tiger’s numbers are depleting at a steady rate due to illegal hunting and the ever-increasing problem of deforestation. As the forests are destroyed by man, the natural habitat of the tiger and its prey disappears, causing them to die out steadily. New, more restrictive laws are necessary, as are harsher repercussions for illegal poachers.

Most tigers are killed deliberately for commercial gain. Squatters have already converted nearly 20 percent of the 900,000 park to farmland for the cultivation of coffee, pepper and other crops in Aceh and North Sumatra has only increased pressures on the resource-rich protected area.