Syrian Refugees

By Anthony Lopez

Is it the European Union's responsibility to take in Syrian Refugees?

Syrian refugees should not be allowed into European Countries or America because of the dangers they may pose to Europeans, the economic problems they could cause, and the political and moral issues they bring.
Ever since the Islamic State started their reign of terror in Iraq and Syria in 2011 millions of refugees have since fled the region. The ISIS militants hunt down whoever does not agree with their ways and will kill whoever does not convert. Because of their violence and extremism, refugees flee to Europe searching for a better place to live. However, letting the refugees into Europe is both a moral and political issue. Many people argue that we need to let them in because of how long their journey was and the horrors they are trying to escape from, but others also argue that the refugee crisis can be exploited to let ISIS spread their terror into Europe or lead to tension between the migrants and citizens of Europe.
In the article Admit Syrian Refugees to America Seth Moulton and Rep. Brian Babin the authors agree with the idea that, "The attacks in Paris by militant Islamists are exactly why we must stop President Obama's reckless and foolish plan to allow tens of thousands of poorly vetted Syrian refugees into the United States. With at least one of the terrorists entering Europe as a "Syrian refugee," it would be a failure of our sworn duty to protect the American people if we did not suspend this dangerous program." This explains to us why we can't let Syrian Refugees into America because it would endanger the citizens in our country. In the article Who is my Neighbor? by Jamie Dean the author can be quoted saying, "Some Republican lawmakers raised legitimate questions about security: How would U.S. officials ensure terrorists didn't pose as refugees to enter the country? How would they conduct security screenings for those who fled chaotic lands without proper documents?" This brings up a concern that our security screening process might not be enough to ensure the safety of our citizens and goes along with the article Admit Syrian Refugees to America.
In the article Germany on the Brink by Ross Douthat the author informs us, "On New Year's Eve, in the shadow of Cologne's cathedral, crowds of North African and Middle Eastern men accosted women out for the night's festivities. They surrounded them, groped them, robbed them. Two women were reportedly raped." This brings up the issue that the migrants are endangering the citizens of Europe. In the article The Next Great Expulsion by Lawrence Solomon the author tells us, "Defiance by migrants, including rioting, is already common. As their defiance increases, so too will the backlash by the public, leading to both vigilantism and demands for curbs on immigration, changing the character of Western democracies." This explains to us how tensions are increasing between the citizens and the migrants due to concerns of the citizens safety. In the same article the author also states, "With Europeans increasingly stating that they don't recognize their own countries anymore, and don't feel safe in them, politicians now face a furious backlash. Citizens are protesting in the streets and through social media. Anti-immigrant political parties are on the rise and often lead in the polls. Forty percent of Germans now demand the resignation of once-popular German Chancellor Angela Merkel." This quote explains to us the effect of the tensions between the migrants and citizens and helps us to understand the concerns of the European citizens.
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This image is representing the endless flow of refugees from the Middle East to Europe and how chaotic it is. It is trying to tell us that the flow of refugees is flooding Europe and how hard it is to control.