Chance to Dance For You

Gail Sidonie Sobat

The Novel: plot

The book is about a gay teen named Ian Trudeau. He is an avid dancer. He has a crush on the star jock in the school, Jess Campeau. One day, Jess kisses Ian and warns him not to tell anyone. Ian later confronts him, which then starts and on and off relationship between the two. The only problem with this is that Jess's father who is strongly against gays, comes very close to finding out about the two teens. Jess decided that he couldn't risk his father finding out and starts dating girls as a decoy. The book is basically about the two and how they try to save their relationship and cope with being gay in a very judgmental society.

The Novel: character - protagonist

The protagonist in this book would be the main character, Ian. Ian Trudeau is a grade 12 student. He is an avid dancer. He is openly gay as well. He is very sympathetic and considerate of other's well being. He likes to fight his own battles and in turn, is very independent. He is very creative and intricate when it comes to dancing and coming up with choreography for a new dance routine. He also has a big mouth and sometimes doesn't think what he is about to say through completely and sometimes they offend people.

The Novel: character - antagonist

The antagonist in this book would have to be Jess Campeau. He is in a way sort of a good guy as well. He doesn't want to hurt Ian, because he clearly likes him too. But sometimes he lets his ego get the better of him and deliberately ignores and/or hurts Ian (never physically though). He cared more about his reputation and about how people would look/perceive him rather than stay committed to Ian and being open and happy about being gay.

The Novel: setting

The general setting in this book was Canada, since that is where the characters lived. He attended W. E. Whitleigh High School. His favorite place would have to be the dance studio, because that is where he feels most alive and comfortable. Ian and Jess mostly hung out at Ian's house though.
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Website Analysis:

Tom Ryan:

1. Writes books for kids and teens.

2. The website doesn't really give too much information on the author and/or what he really does.

3. He has other books such as: Way To Go, Tag Along, Totally Unrelated and Big Time.

4. It should have more information on the author, for example, his back story/ background information.

5. It should also maybe give his perspective on LGBT rights, since a few of his other books have to deal with that sort of theme.


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Movie with similar theme:

Brokeback Mountain -

In 1963, two men are hired as ranch hands in the Wyoming mountains. During the long, isolated time spent together, they start to form a special bond; one that both are unaware of. One night, the bond intensifies when the two have a passionate encounter. When the season ends, they part their separate ways, and it is then they realize the true depth of their feelings. This starts decades of a long affair that they both try to hide/cover up.

how the two relate:

The movie and the book relate because in both, there are two gay men, who have a secret relationship and don't want to come clean about it. In the movie, the cowboys' relationship is forbidden, yet they continue to see each other, this is the same as in the book. In the book, it is not exactly 'forbidden', but according to Jess's father, he is not allowed to date other boys, but clearly he is, so in that sense, it is forbidden. Also, in both relationships, they had to be very secretive and had to make sure no one suspected anything and/or found out because it could ruin their reputations and could put them in danger.
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The theme of this book was about embracing and loving who you are. This theme was portrayed in the book by the main character, Ian. Ian was openly gay and even though people made fun of him and didn't exactly like him, it was always very clear throughout the whole book, that Ian was not at all ashamed of who he was and quite definitely, embraced his sexuality. People in our society are sometimes too afraid to 'come out of the closet' because they are worried that it might harm their reputation and/or people will look at them differently. As humans, we have the tendency to feel the need to 'fit in' and want the approval of everyone. Now, obviously, that's not always the case. It's 2015, and more and more people in the world are beginning or have already accepted people with different sexual orientations. But there are still some individuals who choose not to or simply cannot accept the fact that not everyone is exactly like them and that there will be people out there that do like people of their own gender and that that is a completely normal thing. This book definitely shed a light on how the lives of those with a different sexual orientation really is. Ian was constantly bullied, physically and verbally. The message that this book provided was very strong. It conveyed to the readers that you really shouldn't care what people say or think about you. Though this book focused particularly on gays, the overall message was that you should be proud of who you are, whether it may be having a different sexual orientation, or being a different religion, having a different skin color, etc. As long as you are happy with yourself, you will in turn, live a happier life, and won't be constantly be effected by others' comments. Unfortunately, the website didn't really contribute to this, but the book and movie hand in hand, showed that not everyone is the same, and some people are interested in people from the same gender, and that that shouldn't matter to anyone but them.
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