Math Update

Week of January 4th

New Year, New Routine!

Beginning this week, homework has a new look and routine! Why the change? I've noticed that students are missing or skipping questions on the weekly assignments. When I ask them on Friday to explain why homework is not finished or why they missed certain questions, the most common responses are, "I forgot" or "I didn't know what to do". Homework is meant as a spiraling review of the math content taught this school year. Daily practice and review ensures student retention and fluency. Homework also helps discipline students in their study habits. Having a daily routine will help with the transition to sixth grade. As we approach the final semester of elementary school, fifth graders will be expected to take on additional responsilbility with daily homework assignments.

Homework is still assigned Monday - Thursday; however, students are expected to complete only the 8-10 assigned problems for each particular day. We will review homework daily in class, so it is vital that your child is prepared each day with his/her assignment. Any student who does not have his/her homework completed each day will have a sticker placed in his/her agenda for a parent signature. Students will have the opportunity during their center choice time in class to complete it before we review.

The homework focuses on the same skills each week. If a student misses a question on Monday, after reviewing it together, and having the opportunity to ask questions or for additional assistance, he/she will be more prepared to answer similiar questions throughout the week. By Thursday's homework, every student should be successful in solving each of the questions since they have been reviewing it all week.

Students will be introduced to the new homework when they return on Wednesday and will complete sample questions in class. If at any time your child is struggling with homework, or if you have questions regarding the new routine, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support!

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This Week in Math...

We ended last quarter in the middle of our fraction computation unit. The vast majority of fifth graders still need time and practice to master adding and subtracting mixed numbers and simplifying their answers. We'll continue to review and practice this week. Students who have demonstrated mastery will work on fraction story problems and challenge activities.

Upcoming Assessments/Important Dates

January 11 - Fraction Computation Quiz

January 11 - Report Cards Sent Home

January 18 - Martin Luther King Day - School Closed