By: Cesar Olivas , pd 6

In the past, it was drug trafficking. Today, there is more recognition of the people who are trying to do good and change the reality of the place where they live.

-Rene Silva

How it started

Renes Journey all begins with a simple tweet, "Intense shootings happening at this moment in the Complexo do Alemao!" . In November 9, 2010 Rene was able to broadcast information about a standoff between police and drug traffickers . During this conflict, Rene and two others were sending out news live , of whats happening in there neighborhood and from that point on, its been nothing but positive for the young Rene Silva


Rene believes he can help his community by using social media and technology. Also, Rene is a role model to others kids from other unprivileged communities i Rio and other parts in Brazil. This is a somewhat symbol of what someone can accomplish through media and technology.

Renes Work.

Rene is no stranger to journalism. He is the creator of a News paper, "Voz da Comunidade". He started to produce this news paper when he was 11 years old. His Teacher suggested that he should produce a newspaper for his community, to tell people about their problems and their needs. Rene started with copy machine that only gave a couple copies but thanks to Advertisers and sponsors, he is able to make many more. With money he received from the advertising in the newspaper, Rene bought computers and a webcam to take the news online. In the months since the showdown , Rene has been successfully using Social Media such as Twitter as a publishing platform. Since, Brazil donated computers , cameras, radio equipment and a place to report the news and also. Now, his community is much much better .


Yes Actors and celebrities in Brazil referenced Rene’s news casting and his Twitter following quickly ballooned from 180 followers to 20,000+. After the incident, many stories were written about Rene and his work during the crisis

Hero? .... Definition of a Hero is when a person sacrifices themselves into doing whats right. and is always being a big inspiration to others.

Rene is a hero. He is a hero because he inspires others to be a help and he showed no matter the age, you can always help out and do your best, Because changing a community is tough especially at such a young age.