The Civil Rights Movement

Jacob Potter


The civil rights movement has made the United States of America a more equal society by ending segregation. It ended separate buses, separate bathrooms, separate schools, and any other white privileges. It took a lot of people to change how things used to be.

The Tactics

The Civil Rights Movement was spread all across the nation. Millions of people were involved. The people that were involved had tactics that were effective..

People would boycott, buses, business, etc. One example is the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The black people in the community didn't ride the buses until they would have the rights of white people on the bus.

Another tactic was non-violence. Martin Luther King Jr was a major figure in the Civil Rights Movement. He taught that non-violence was the only way to change peoples hearts.

The Black Panthers

The Black Panthers were formed in 1966, in the state of California. The two founders are Huey Percy Newton and Bobby Seale. The Black Panthers felt the non-violent approach was ineffective so they decided to use violence. The Black Panthers wanted a "revolutionary war". They were the FBI's highest priority on the watch list. They eventually fell apart due to the FBI's infiltration and intervention.

The Freedom Riders

The Freedom Riders were formed in 1961. The Freedom Riders were recruited by CORE. They got onto a bus in Washington D.C. and went into the south. They tried to use white only things and violence was severe.

Let My People Go

This song is about a story in the Bible. The story is the Jews were slaves to Egypt. A man named Moses is told by God to go to Pharaoh, his half brother, and tell Pharaoh to let his people go. This song is like what happened in the Civil Rights Movement. This a good song for the Civil Rights Movement because it's about an oppressed people trying to be freed.