budgting presetion


I will be attending collage at TCU. the cost will be $204,660. it will be for an associates degree.


I will be doing landscaping it will be in Dallas, TX. you will need to have skills like arranging plants and laying grass down, my pay will be. the yearly income is $135,000, and the gross monthly income is $97,450, and the income taxes will be $37,550, and the net monthly income is $3,129.16. I will use math by seeing how much grass to mow or lay down.


I will be renting a car since I can't afford one. I will be paring monthly payments. the monthly payments will be $328.50.


I will also renting an apartment the cost will be $340 a month. the electricity company I will be using is pay as you go it will be $80 a month. my water bill be $1.50. I will be using at&t for my internet which will be $14.95 a month. my insurance will be $28.99, and all that will be $793.94.


I will buy groceries and the cost of that will be $139.93. my phone bill will be with at&t the cost will be $14.95. I will buy clothing and the cost will be $34.94. I will also be seeing the high school bull riding for $15, roller skating for $15, movies $20, motocross race $30, and WWE for $50, and the monthly cost would be $319.82.


I will have a wife. we will be using Atena for our health insurance. the cost of that will be $200.