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April 25-29, 2022

State Testing

State Assessments begin THIS week. Below is a breakdown of the testing schedule. Students will receive specifics regarding their assigned test dates and locations from their teacher. It is very important for students to be present on their assigned test dates.
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Middle College

Gulfport High School students participating in the Middle College program through MGCCC were recognized Thursday at the MGCCC Harrison County Campus Awards Day. GHS is so proud of these students and all of the students participating in Middle College. If you would like more information about the Middle College program, email Pictured below are some of the award winners.
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Team Fusion 364

Team Fusion competed in the First Robotics World Championship held in Houston. While there, they received the Quality Award. Great job Team Fusion 364!
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GHS Percussion and Guard Compete in the World Championships

Percussion and Winter Guard traveled to Ohio to compete in the World Championships this week. Below is a picture of the Underwater scene created by GHS Percussion during the finals.
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Construction and Automechanics

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Technology Surveys

Please take a moment to complete a 15-20 minute survey to help GSD and GHS address any technology needs!



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Paper Access - 24/7 Online Tutoring for Math and English

I’m incredibly excited to share this news with you. If you ever need help with your school work, there’s someone available to help you 24/7 on Paper.

Available anytime, anywhere, no matter what you’re working on, you’ll be able to connect with an expert tutor instantly. These are real people who are friendly, approachable, and want to help you succeed. To learn more about Paper and how you can get started, visit the MDE + Paper Website and check out the student resources.

To get started with a tutoring session all you have to do is log in, ask your question, and they’ll give you a helping hand. To login:

  1. Visit PAPER’s student login page

  2. Type your school’s name

  3. Log in via Google using your school credentials

Once you let a tutor know what you’re working on, you can expect them to ask you questions about what you’ve tried, what you understand, what you don’t understand, and from there they’ll talk you through the steps. Paper is a place for you to improve, and that doesn’t happen when you just look up answers.

If you have any questions about your account, please ask your teacher.

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For more information, visit the link below. Under "About Gulfport School District", click "Safe Return to School" to view the updated district policy in regards to Covid.
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Teachers provide after-school tutoring at least one day each week. Students are encouraged to stay for tutoring when needing remediation. GHS offers a tutoring bus that will transport students home following tutoring. This bus is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students must discuss their plans to stay with their teacher at least two days prior to the tutoring day in order to be added to the bus list. Students and parents can view the tutoring schedule for teacher by visiting
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The attendance goal for GHS is 97%. Students that are habitually absent often struggle with instruction and keeping up with coursework. Please be sure students are in attendance each day unless they are sick or have a lawfully excused absence (see link below). Students should also complete all missing assignments in a timely manner to ensure they understand any missed instruction. Attendance is counted by block on the high school level. Students that have more than 4 unexcused absences for any class during a school term are in danger of losing credit for that course. If students are having any issues with their attendance, they should reach out to their counselor or an administrator.

Juniors will take the state ACT on April 5, 2022! The goal we have set for this year's junior class is an average composite of 24. Be sure to take advantage of the ACT prep offered during the intersessions and bell ringers.

Gradebook Information

When students miss an assignment, teachers will include one of the following grades in the gradebook as a placeholder.

1 - This grade means a student is allowed to make up an assignment. Students should work with teachers to complete this assignment in a timely manner.

0 - Students are not allowed to make up this assignment due to the elapsed time since the due date.

EX - The student is exempt from the assignment and is not required to make up the assignment. This grade may appear as a 0 but it does not affect the student's average.

If a parent or student needs login information for Chalkable, he/she may contact the counselor to have the account reset.

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Below are some helpful links for scholarship information and college applications.

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April 26: State Testing Begins

May 2-13: AP Exams

May 4: Progress Reports

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Dress Code Policy

  • Pants should not be sagging
  • Hoods off in the buildings
  • Jerseys must have a shirt on underneath
  • Jeans with holes cannot show skin more than 4" above the knee
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts cannot be shorter than 4" above the knee
  • Shirts must be appropriate-no crop tops
  • Inappropriate images or language on clothing is not allowed
  • Piercings in ears only

If a student cannot correct the dress code issue, the student will be placed in In School Suspension for the day. Please help us protect instructional time by ensuring your student is adhering to the dress code policy.

Gulfport High School

The Mission of the Gulfport School District is to inspire each student to become a problem solver, lifelong learner, and productive member of society.

Wendi Husley, Principal

Kelsey Myrick Arde, 9th Grade Principal

Dr. Tom Wallace, CTE Director & 11th Grade Administrator

Paul Correro, Assistant Principal & 10th Grade Administrator

Sabrina Reid, Assistant Principal

John Archie, Assistant Administrator & 12th Grade Administrator