iPad App Inspiration!

A running list of iPad integration ideas for SCS


This website is meant to be a growing resource for information about some of the newest apps on our iPads. I know that finding time to learn about and explore new technology can be one of the biggest hinderances to using it in your classroom. SO, I'm hoping that this will be a time saver and a resource that you will refer to often as you work to create the very best, most engaging, 21st century learning opportunities for the students in your classroom. YOU CAN DO IT!


Nearpod is like PowerPoint but a million times more engaging. It is a presentation program that allows you to embed activities, quizzes, videos, etc for students to follow along with on their devices. You can have a "live" lesson where you control the speed of the lesson and keep everyone on the same track. Lessons can also be "self-paced" - so you could create a lesson sequence that students could complete on their own, independently. You need to set up a free account for yourself. There is also a lesson resource bank where pre-made lessons can be purchased.


SeeSaw is a tool for creating a digital portfolio that can be shared with families at any time. Students can upload pictures of their work, can create short videos to explain their learning, and as a teacher, you can provide feedback right within the digital portfolio. Parents can also access their child's portfolio at home, increasing their ongoing connection to in-school learning. A free account is needed.
Flipgrid is an incredibly easy to use platform for video-based discussion. Imagine having students respond to an exit ticket using a video, rather than writing a response. They can also have a back-and-forth discussion, adding ideas to what others have already stated. Students could also use Flipgrid to record themselves practicing their Bible memory verse...for fact fluency practice...again, the ideas are endless! Signing up for a free account is needed.
Recap is similar to Flipgrid; it allows for more privacy, but less collaboration. In Recap, you post a question for students and they respond with a short video, but other students don't see their response. Again - this could be a great way to informally assess, have students practice something they've memorized...they could read a passage to you to demonstrate fluency (or better yet, watch their own video back and self-assess). A free account is needed.
Introducing Recap

Padlet is a tool for collaboration and brainstorming. You need to sign up for a free account. It is a great way to have students send responses or to seek feedback without needing to make one single copy!


PicCollage is a photo editing app. However, there are a TON of creative ways for students to use it to create. Think graphic organizers, reading response, research, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that helps make learning feel like a game! Students can respond to questions individually or as a team. The Kahoot! app now allows you to assign homework through Kahoot! Make your own game quizzes or play from a pre-made game on the website - just about every age level and topic is available! A free account is needed.