U.S Fighting Spain?

Why did the U.S. go to war with Spain?

Section 2

The stories I think are very accurate about Cuba's need for help from the U.S.

Americans wanted to be informed constantly, and the media helped that.

The reconcentration camps were overcrowed and filthy. They had too many Cubans in them and they were dying from starvation and diseases.

U.S.S Maine and de Lome letter?

Section 3

The de Lome letter was sent through the mail to a Spanish friend but was stolen from the mail and it accused President McKinley. This made Americans furious and against Spain.

Then the U.S.S Maine sank a few weeks after it was shipped to Cuba for a riot. This made Americans even more angry.


Section 4

The fighting began in the Philippines. America had already begun for this battle 2 months before the war was declared.

The fighting moved to Cuba. And they fought the first U.S.Volunteer Cavalrys, The Rough Riders. Roosevelt and the Rough Riders fought on San Juan Hill.


Section 5

President McKinley is raising the flag, yet a Cuban is chopping it down. And Uncle Sam is showing the man how he has claimed Cuba. So what Im guessing this means that America is gonna fall while President McKinley is trying to make it better?
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