Race is Texture in Society

Alyssa Rice

What does the idea of race really do for us?

I would have never viewed race more than just a differentiation between people without music in my life. Music has shaped the many ways I view things throughout my life, mainly my most prominent aspect, music. Instead of people taking such a negative view on race and differentiation, its actually such a wonderful thing for our society to have such variety and contrast. All the distinctions people make between each other, bring vibrancy to the community. Being a singer, I hear so many voice styles that reflect ones culture, ethnicity and race. Its refreshing and admirable to have the opportunity to witness new perceptions.

Music is a "Social Glue"

I really do believe that all music, no matter where from or who wrote it, can make a huge impact of happiness to anyone. Music is a social glue and honestly possibility of the idea of a "colorblind" world.

I think that if you cannot enjoy the beauty of the world around you, you are not aware of your surroundings, nor a happy and creative person. "I can firmly say that race affects how others act towards people, but only if you let it. It is all a personal choice." If you let race effect how you view things, you are not only accused of judgement but lack of character as well.

The Magic behind a Song

Whether you view yourself as "racist" or not, you listen to music, and history comes along with music, it comes from all over; all different cultures and places around the world. There is something about music that is mysterious, we all love it but do not know where it came from. Someone wrote those lyrics, someone put together that melody and harmony, someone produced it, someone sang it, and thousands of people have covered it. There is so much thought behind a song so how could you know and possibly discard the beauty of a piece because of race? You cannot.

Why is race so prominent then in other topics?

Race is well brought up in other aspects like sports, politics, education, fashion. I think that race isn't commonly brought up in music because the beauty of music overpowers the worlds prominent issues and brings the color and wonder we need in our crazy messed up world.