By: Tessa Halverson

Theme: Perseverance

  • Sounder fought threw all the difficult times on his own and when he got hurt. The mother always fought threw when the father was in jail and making supper. The father had to fight threw a lot when he was in jail because he was most likely worried about all the family at home. The boy showed a lot of perseverance when his dad was in jail because he had to work and go to school sometimes.

Article of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson became known in 1947 when he started to play for The Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson won League Rookie of the Year and helped his team get into the championship. Jackie Robinson had faced a lot of hate because of his race and color. A lot of people did not like the idea of a Native American playing on The Brooklyn Dodgers.

One of the many reason he is showing perseverance is because he had to face a lot of hate. Jackie also showed perseverance when he had to be brave when he played even when he was receiving all the hate about his color. He had to fight threw all the hard time when people did not want him playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Pet/Human Relationship

In this video it shows how a lot of humans and dogs are close to each other. This video is similar to Sounder and the masters relationship because Sounder is excited to see the master again. Dogs in these videos are excited to see there owner again just like Sounder was.

Human and pets have very close friendships.

The people and dogs in this video are similar to Sounder because when the master comes home Sounder is excited.

Father, Daughter, Dog

  • Alike. Both Sounder and Shianne are both crippled up at one point in both of the stories. In both of the stories the fathers end up passing away in the story and then after the masters die the dogs end up passing away after that.
  • Differences

When the father first met Shianne he didn’t like the idea of the dog. The father and Shianne got more time together then Sounder and his master because the master of Sounder had spent sometime in jail.

Anticipation Guide

  • My opinion is every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety and I agree
  • I feel this way I feel like everyone has a right to eat food because nobody should starve or die because of hunger. Everyone has the right to shelter because everyone needs a place to protect them of danger.Of course everyone deserves safety because everyone in this world needs to have a safe place to eat, and shelter.


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