GES Parent Gator Call

September 2021

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We are excited to kick off another wonderful month of school! Our GES Gators have been working extremely hard towards reaching our goal of 100% of our students growing one year or more in reading, math, and ELA. We want to thank all of our families for your continued support this year!

GES Goals

GES is on the way to an "A" school Rating!!

Increase student Attendance by 5%

Increase student proficiency in Reading by 10%

Growth of 100% of students in I-Ready Reading by 1 grade or more

100% of bottom 25th %tile students show growth on MAAP Reading

Increase student proficiency in Math by 10%

Growth of 100% of students in I-Ready Math by 1 grade or more

Increase proficiency in Reading in Bottom 25th%tile

100% of bottom 25th %tile students show growth on MAAP Math

Increase proficiency in Math in Bottom 25th%tile

100% of students meet their AR goal for the year

MKAS average goal of 725

Decrease school Discipline by 10%

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  • 9/3-GHS vs. PHS- FOOTBALL at PHS
  • 9/6- Labor DAY
  • 9/6-9/10- National Substitute Appreciation Week
  • 9/7- Students who completed and turned in their two-day packets earn a jean day. (Students who earn the jean pass will have a pass.)
  • 9/8- POPCORN DAY
  • 9/13- Board Meeting
  • 9/14- Open House/Parent Title I Meeting/ PTO- Virtual!
  • 9/14- Progress Reports go home!
  • 9/15- Hispanic Heritage Month
  • 9/15- POPCORN DAY
  • 9/14-9/17- CA2

  • 9/17- GHS vs MOSS POINT- Football Home Game

  • 9/21- National IT Professional Day

  • 9/22- National Meet at the Pole Day

  • 9/22- POPCORN DAY

  • 9/24- Make-Up School Pictures

  • 9/29- POPCORN DAY

  • 9/27-10/1- Pre-K, K, 1st Grade- Star Test

  • DA's - Will take place throughout 9/27-10-7 (Nine Weeks Exams)

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School Attendance

The campus opens at 7:00AM!

School begins at 7:30AM.

Students need to be in their DESK at 7:30AM to be considered on time and present!!

Please limit student checkouts!

If a student is going to be out, please contact the school by 8:30AM and send a written excuse or doctor's excuse the day of student return.

We need every minute of instruction time with our gators.

Please help us by making sure they don't miss a single minute!

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For your child's safety, transportation changes must be made BEFORE 2:15PM! You must contact your student's teacher prior to 2:15PM for transportation changes. Please send a written request for any changes. If you have a question about your student's transportation, you may contact our office and we can direct you to the correct contact.
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Did you know?

Students that bring a lunchbox can still have free milk or water with their lunch! Students just have to choose three items from the menu. One less thing to worry about packing in a lunchbox!

September 24th!

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  • Read at least 20 minutes every night
  • Practice Math Fluency
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Spelling Words
  • Talk to someone about their effort on assignments, goals, and progress!
  • Newsletters and grade reports go home EVERY Week! Make sure that you are checking binders/backpacks every day!

Parent Resource Corner

How Can Parents Get Involved and Help The School?

  1. Attend back-to-school nights or other orientation events (In-Person or Virtual). Get to know your student’s teachers at the beginning of the school year. Attending parent-teacher conferences throughout the year ensures you are on the same page.
  2. Ask your teacher how they would like to communicate. For each teacher, find out whether phone calls, emails, or texts are the best way to stay up-to-date on progress and communicate if a problem arises. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help/resources. Our teachers are available for parent-teacher conferences virtually and in person.
  3. Demonstrate a positive view of education at home. Parental school involvement does not only occur inside the schools. It is also about communicating your larger values and attitudes regarding education and the hopes, dreams, and expectations you hold for your children. Communicating these values motivates young people to be persistent when faced with challenging educational tasks.
  4. Encourage reading. Helping your children develop a love of reading. Show them the importance of lifelong learning by reading books on your own. Even better, read the same book with them. Taking it one step further, discuss the book together afterward!
  5. Help manage the homework process. Let your student know you think education is important and that homework is a priority. Set aside a special place to study and establish a regular time for homework. Help your child stay organized, ask about daily assignments, and monitor their work. Always remember to notice and praise effort.
  6. Attend school events. Go to games and concerts, student exhibitions, and award events that your student is and is not involved in. Your involvement in school-wide events, even when your student is not directly involved, helps build a community at large. You’ll meet other members of the school community and show your support for ALL kids.
  7. Attend parent organization meetings. At most schools, parents meet regularly to discuss school issues. Join the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) to work with other families to improve the school. If you can’t attend the meetings in person, ask to join the meetings virtually or ask for the notes to be emailed or sent to you. Look for ways to get involved through PTO activities on and off-campus.
  8. Volunteer in the school. Schools often allow volunteers to chaperone trips or dances, help in classrooms, or run a school event. If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to volunteer in the school building, there are other ways to offer your time. You can volunteer to translate newsletters into other languages, make phone calls to let others know about school-related activities or work on materials for school events. Be on the lookout for volunteer opportunities and share your special skills!
  9. Let the school know what groups, classes, or guidance you would like them to provide. Schools are a great resource to improve your own learning. Let the school know about opportunities you feel would benefit your student as well as the school as a whole. We want to hear from you.
  10. Encourage active learning. Young people need to be encouraged to ask and answer questions, solve problems, and explore their interests. Have frequent conversations about what they are learning and be prepared to ask questions. When you encourage this type of learning at home, your student’s participation and interest in school may increase.


2021-2022 School Calendar

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