LAX Shooting Inspires Students

LA Times 11/7/13

A School Comes Together

An amazing scene it was when news reporters rushed to see the students and teachers of Calabasas high come together and try to raise money for their teachers speedy recovery after being shot in the lax tragedy earlier this week. One of the students said "we love mr.ludmer and we just want him to ge well soon!".

Why This Article Relates To Career Management

This article relates to career management because it claerly describes a teacher being hurt. Not only that but it also shows how his students and fellow teachers came to support him in such a time of need. it also if you dig deeper into the story explains how he was hurt and the procedures the *doctors* will have to preform on him so he will be able to walk again.

Tim Aldrich

If you would like to donate to Brian Ludmer for his medical bill please click on the hyperlink to the website!

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