From Coco Beans to Chocolate

by: Lauren Blando


Did you know that chocolate is made from cocoa beans?

They got the idea of making chocolate from indens . Chocolate has a lot of caffein in it and it is very very bad for you couse there is soo much SUGER in it.

Cocoa Beans at the Farm

First they pick the cocoa beans from the tree.then put them in in trucks and take them to the factory.

At the Factory

first the test the chocolate likwid .then they put the cocoa beans in chocolate flavoring and roast 'em for 30 to 2 hours. the heat makes the cocoa beans dark.then they put 'em in a mash that takes of the shells. then put 'em in cocoa liquid. last they put 'em in grinding mills and the heat makes the cocoa beans liquidy and put milk, cocoa butter and soy beans in the liquid .

Did you know ...

-Cocoa beans comme from trees

-you can drink it, eat it and cook it

-Chocolate is all around the world

On your Table

Its time to eat some chocolate. now you know the process of making chocolate. Why not tell friends and family so they know to ?
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