Ecological Footprint

Save Energy!

The concepts of an ecological footprint.

The concept of an ecological footprint is to show you how much you're impacting on gas emissions worldwide & discover how you can make a difference. Five major things that contribute to gas emissions are energy use, driving & flying, food & diet, and recycling & waste. How much do you impact?

How much does my family impact?

My family impacts the most on home energy use, we're really lazy when it comes to turning the lights off and unplugging stuff when it's not in use even when my mom constantly yells about it. My ecological footprint showed me what was affecting the most and how to stop it.

How about the World?

The world averagely affects the most in driving & flying. Because nobody wants to result to smart cars that would be safer for the environment, because nobody understands how much it affects the environment.

So how can you save energy?

Easily, turn lights off when you leave the room, when you're done using something that's electric by unplugging it. Instead of throwing EVERYTHING away, recycle. There's a million others, you just have to think outside of the box.