LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministry at First Baptist Covington.

Hey, everybody!

Welcome to all of our new families and 6th graders, as well as all of the new additions to the email update! Be sure to check this out each week for all that you need to know about our ministry! And, please feel free to forward this info to anyone else you know who may be interested in our ministry.

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for awesome pics and videos from LIFToff!

We had a wonderful weekend at LIFToff! If you haven't seen all the many awesome photos from the event, "like" our Facebook page "LIFT First Baptist Covington."

We are on in full swing with regular programming. LIFT is on this week, as we dive into our new series on Worship. Plus, LifeLine is back on this Sunday night with a pool party! We'll gather at 5:30pm and will return by 7:30pm.

Prayer Breakfast for the year begins Tuesday August 13th! We will have a great time of devotion, prayer, and a wonderful breakfast cooked by our loving ladies. It starts at 7am for High Schoolers and 8am for Middle Schoolers in the Annex. Transportation is provided to Eastside, Cousins, Indian Creek, and homeschools. Special arrangements can be made for other schools, too!

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Elements Worship 1

Follow-Up Questions

  • How would you define worship?
  • What are some of the best worship experiences you have had?
  • What made them good?
  • What are some ways in which you experienced God in a big way?
  • What was your response to those experiences?
  • How was your right response worship?