MAC Module 1

Digital Art

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Make a Digital Graffiti Wall

1. Watch the video.
BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU

Presentation on the History of Graffiti

3. View the History of Graffiti Slideshare presentation below.

4. Answer the discussion questions.

Creating Digital Graffiti

  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom of the features box click on one of these font names Chrome5 | MindGem | Potent | JediMind |
  3. Bubbles | Oldschool | Flava | Throwup | Wavy (these are different fonts you can use to create graffiti tags).
  4. In the “type in your text field” enter your text. It can be your name, a nickname etc. as long as it is appropriate for school.
  5. Play with the width, height, and rotation bars until you like your tag
  6. Click on the different boxes labeled bubbles, 3d, stripes etc. to customize your tag.
  7. After you click on a box, you can click on a color from the color wheel to change the feature.
  8. Play until you love your graffiti tag
  9. Hold down the command button + shift+ 3 on your keyboard to take a screen shot.
  10. Drag the screen shot into iPhoto.
  11. Crop the image until only the name and background show.
  12. Drag the cropped image back to your desktop.

6. Create a Digital Urban Graffiti Wall with

Pixlr is a lot like an old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It can do TONS of cool stuff with existing images. Just like anything new, it can also sometimes be frustrating. It is important to remember that this should be FUN and that you should PLAY with the tools.

Here are 2 BIG things that will help you to use

How to Save

  1. It is super important to save because computers crash

  2. Go to “File”

  3. Click “Save”

  4. Click “Ok”

  5. Find which folder you wish to save your picture in

  6. In the “File Name” field type in your file name

  7. Click “Save”

The Tool Box

The Tool Box is where most of the tools you will use are located. They have icons, but this diagram lists their functions.

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sample student work

Walls for Graffiti Art Project

Use on of the following brick wall images for your project.

Click and drag the picture you would like to use to your desktop.
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Digital Self-Portrait

Take a digital portrait of yourself or have a classmate take one of you.

Upload it to Pixlr.

Watch the tutorial video below.

Use the painting tools to recreate your digital photo.

Be very creative by experimenting with a variety of colors, brushes, and other tools and techniques.

Digital Painting Tutorial

sample student work

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Exploring European Countries

Project Overview

Imagine that you have just spent a year as an exchange student with a family in a European country. Now that you are back in Toney, your classmates want to know all about your trip! They are anxious to learn about the country that you spent a month in—traveling, taking in the sites, and becoming immersed in the culture. To present your experiences, create a Keynote Presentation about your month to share with your class. You will also Include a photo of yourself/group in that country in your presentation. Because you didn't actually go to the country, you will have to "photoshop" yourself into the pictures, using Pixlr.

Step 1

Create a Photo of Your Visit

You will include a photo after you edit it with Pixlr.

Pixlr Instructions

1. Find a background image from your country that you would like to "photoshop" yourself into and save it.

2. Grab a partner and have them use a digital camera to take a photo of you. Try to take your photo in an area with a solid color background (this will make editing much easier). Transfer the photo to your computer.

3. Go to and click open image from computer.

4. Open your first country background photo, then open the photo of yourself that you plan to use for this background.

5. Use the Select tool to select the image of yourself.

6. Click the Move tool and drag the picture of yourself over into the background.

7. Use the Free Transform tool (in the Edit Menu) to make size and position adjustments.

Use the Magic Wand and Eraser tools to remove the background of your photo.

8. Save as a JPEG file when finished.

9. Insert the finished photo into Slide 10 of your Keynote presentation.


Evaluation Rubric for European Country Exploration Presentation

sample student work

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Step 2

  • Your presentation should combine text about your experiences in your country and pictures.
  • Use the notes page to record information while planning your project.

  • You will turn in the Notes Page for a grade.
Presentation Tips

  • Consider your audience.
  • Use phrases instead of complete sentences.