Ben Milam! By Chelsea & Emma!

Let us tell you about Ben Milam's life!!!

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His Contribution to Texas

Ben Milam was the founder of the settlement of Victoria and he was also a leading figure in the Texas Revolution.

His Birthday and Death

He was born on Oct. 20th 1788 in Frankfort, Kentucky and died on Dec. 7th 1835 in San Antonio, Texas.

Ben's Family

Intresting Facts

  • There is a grave site at Milam park located in San Antonio.

  • He was enlisted in the Kentucky miltia and fought for several months in the War of 1812.
  • Ben, as well as Arthur Wavell , recived grants in Northeastern Texas.
  • Ben has multiple schools and a hotel named after him.
  • Benjamin is the 2nd youngest child next to James.