1.What is a panda bear?

A panda is a large, black and white version of a bear.

2. How is it born? How does the mother care for its young?

The panda bear reproduces by intimate relations (sex). Mother’s will spend their entire days of their newborn’s life caressing it, feeding it, and cleaning it.

3. How does it get its food? What does it eat?

Pandas are a very rare species of animal because of the low amounts of the animal. Because they live in zoos they are fed by most zoo workers. Pandas are fed grass, bamboo, stems, shoots and leaves.

4.Where does it live, and what are some of its habits?

Most pandas live in zoos but most live in China and Vietnam in the rain forests. It’s habits are in most of the lower region of China.

5. Who are its enemies, and how does it defend itself?

Pandas enemies consist of Jackals, Leopards and Yellow-Throated Martens. Pandas defend themselves by lowering their heads and staring directly at the opponent. It has great strength and strong jaw muscles