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About Old Tape

All sorts of things can be made with old tapes. From hats to spider webs and from simple patterns to a bed of tape, you can crochet, knit or weave and never get bored. Anything in a line or a cord is easy to recycle and also is easy to make your creation. Looping here and there, making things with tape can be quite tricky at first but when you get the hang of it nothing can stop you. Crochet hooks can speed up the process. Who knew we could make so much with an old, useless tape.

About Evelyn Roth

Evelyn Roth comes from Vancouver, Canada and is known as the video queen of Canada. In 1975 she became the queen and ever since then she has been crocheting videotapes forever. Back in the 70s, she turned heads with her videotape outfits. Now she lives in Australia and loves teaching kids how to make useful items out of things that would otherwise be thrown out.