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Getting started

Please down load these free apps. We will be using them today.
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Fluency: what it is.

Fluency is the ability to read smoothly and automatically, with expression and attention to punctuation!

Three things we believe you have to have to be a fluent reader.

  • Pace- read at a speed that allows for comprehension
  • Phrasing -know words well enough to chunk into phrases
  • Expression- read with feeling

Sight word fluency leads to reading fluency

The better a student knows sight words the more words he can read during fluency practice.

What are some ways you can use the apps to practice sight words?

Repeated readings-NOT reading as fast as you can!

Giving students passages to read repeatedly is one way to help a student practice their pacing.

Allowing them to track their progress gives them ownership of their learning.


Give your students opportunity to read using their voice to give meaning to the text. This is a skill that will need to be taught explicitly.

Having students record themselves so they can listen to how they sound allows them to improve.