Line Creek Summer Family Edition

May 31, 2022

Summer School Location: Line Creek Elementary

Summer School Principal:

Lori Burbee

Phone: 816-359-6511


Building Principal:

Robin Davis

Phone: 816-359-6555


Front Office Information

Line Creek

Jennifer Mikic

Phone: 359-6982


Office Number: 359-4320

Summer School Dates to Remember:


Hours: 8:00-3:00

Line Creek will not be combined with any other school this year. We will be hosting Extended-School-Year (ESY) at Line Creek. Those classes will be in their own classrooms but they will eat lunch and play at recess with their teachers and our Line Creek students.

Hours: 8:00-3:00

Days: M-F, June 6-July 1 (20 days)

ESY: M-Th, June 6-July 1

ESY Hours: 9:30-2:30

Meet the LC Summer Squad!

K-Haley Mead-Room 110

K- Rachel Danley- Room 111

1-Melody Waters- Room 108

1-Shannon Smith- Room 106

2-Catrena Minniefield-Room 214

2-Kristen Spence- Room 213

3-Abby Biehl- Room 212

4-Taylor Arthur- Room 211

4/5- Brittanay Dickerson Room 203

5-Haley Hoover Room 201

PE- Amy Happy- Gym

PE Supervisor: Dawson Ferdig- Gym

ESY- Meghan Church, Amy Vance

ESY TA- Susan Bird, Nicole Townson, Altheria Ford, Angela Julson

SPED- Cathy Roy/Deb Harris Split

Counselor- Taneka Collins

Smart Start- Zanah McCauley/Kirsten Green Split

ELL- Jessica Elfrink

Recovery Room- Sarah Stanley

TA- Leigh Jones, Sharon Fannin

Nurse- Liz Martin

Office- Jennifer Mikic

LRPG- Jake Panich, Rhonda Nichols, Tiffany Edgar

What can I expect at Camp Line Creek?

  • Summer School PAWS (bucks)
  • Weekly Prize Cart on Thankful Thursdays
  • Weekly Big Prize Winners on Fridays
  • Popsicles on Wednesdays
  • Spirt Day themes every day
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Field Day
  • Lots of Learning and Fun!

Safety Drills

All schools in the Park Hill School District follow specific procedures to ensure the safety of students and staff in the event of an emergency. All schools have emergency plans in place. Each summer we conduct 1 fire drill and 1 severe weather drill.

Incoming Kindergartener

If your student will be an incoming kindergartener during Summer School, you are more than welcome to walk in with your kindergartener on the first day of Summer School! Since visitors are allowed in the buildings, we are opening this back-up!

Please feel free to walk your kindergartener into Line Creek any time between 7:50-8:00! We are excited to see your student!

Mrs. Burbee and Mrs. Davis will be there as well to greet you and welcome incoming Kindergarten students and parents to Line Creek!

A day in the life during the summer at LC!

A normal day for summer school at LC this summer will look like this:

  • Core Subject time (Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies)
  • PE in the gym with our 2 PE teachers
  • Lunch in the cafeteria
  • Recess with our Recess teachers
  • More Core Subject time (Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies)
  • Additional Recess with our Recess teachers

On Wednesdays, during recess, we will have popsicles!

Depending on your student's grade, their schedule may look different, but generally, each grade level has time for 'core subjects' like reading, math, science & social studies, PE, lunch, & 2 times for recess.


Your child's teacher will reach out to confirm your child's daily dismissal plan before the first day of school.

BUS RIDERS: Bus riders are dismissed through the front doors each afternoon. Classroom teachers walk students to the buses and help them find the appropriate bus. During the first few days, this process can take a bit longer than normal as staff members double-check that all students are on the correct bus. Then, the bus can get further delayed as the drivers take time to make sure students safely get off at the right stop.

ADVENTURE CLUB: Students who participate in the after-school care program, Adventure Club, will be dismissed directly to the cafeteria each day. Adventure Club staff checks in each student and cross-checks with our front office to ensure that all students who are enrolled in Adventure Club are accounted for at dismissal.

CAR RIDERS: We will provide each student with a car rider sign. Having this car rider sign on display in your vehicle allows parents or family members to remain in the car in the car rider lane during afternoon dismissal instead of entering the building with your photo ID and signing out the student.

While the car rider line can be slow the first few days, once students and families learn the routine, it will speed up considerably. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding that our main focus is on all students getting into cars safely. Parents can help by staying in your vehicle and allowing staff members to assist students into cars and teaching your child how to buckle their own seat belt.

WALKERS: Walkers will be dismissed through the side doors by the library and can meet their families near the path to the neighborhood entrance.

Transportation Changes

Please be sure to notify the front office no later than 2:00 PM for transportation changes. You can reach the front office by phone at 816-359-4320.

Lunch and Recess

Our Lunchroom and Playground team has been working hard to ensure student safety while at lunch and recess this year by establishing consistent routines and procedures.

Following lunch, each class/grade level will go to recess, each group will be assigned to a Zone Area of Play each recess period and be expected to stay within their Zone of Play. Each day, groups will rotate to a different zone so recess play options will vary and each group will rotate through the zones.

If you have any additional questions about lunch or recess, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Meals During Summer School

We will NOT serve free breakfast and lunch to summer school students each day.

As of June 6th, students/parents will be charged for breakfast and lunch.

There are options if you are eligible for Free & Reduced meals. If you are in need of that option, please reach out to the office at 359-4320.

Spirit Calendar

Throughout the month of Summer School, We will have a spirit day, every day. Below is the link to the calendar. Your child does not have to dress up for each day. This is only for fun and each student can participate at their own will.
LC Summer Spirit Calendar

Click Here to see each day!

Technology: Laptops and Badges

Students will have their own devices during summer school this year. Although, all devices will stay at school, students are not permitted to take the devices home during summer school. All students will use their current login to access their devices.

Students will be issued a new badge for summer school on the first day. Please ensure your child has his or her badge at school each day.

Library Books

Students will have the opportunity to visit the library and check out books with their class. All books will stay at school during summer school.

Keep Earning Those Summer PAWS!!

Each Friday, one student from each grade is drawn from the summer paws box. Each winner gets to choose a BIG PRIZE from the display case in the hallway. We are excited to draw our first winners on Friday, June 11th!

Summer Day Camp

THIS link will take you to the Park Hill website discussing Summer Day Camp for students.

Summer Day Camp provides a safe, caring, and structured environment where students have an opportunity to learn lifelong skills. The program will be located at each of the elementary summer school sites for students who have completed kindergarten through 4th grade, Plaza Middle School for students who have completed 5th through 7th grade.

If your child is attending during the weeks of June 6 – July 1, they must also be registered for Summer School. All Summer Day Camp students will be required to attend Summer School even if they attend another school district during the year. Summer School forms are located on the Park Hill website and will need to be turned into the elementary school the child is attending for the summer.

Program hours are 6:30am - 6:00pm and will provide care before and after summer school. All day care will be provided from June 1 - June 4 and July 6 - August 18; the program will be closed August 20-21 for staff training.

Online Verification & Residency for the 2022-23 School Year

Every year, all Park Hill families are required to visit the Campus Parent portal to verify student demographic, health, and emergency contact information, and submit proof of residency documents for the upcoming school year. You can access a digital copy of the guide on our website.

Note: Only a legal guardian living with a current student in their household can prove residency and complete verification for that student.

Line Creek Elementary



Line Creek Summer School 2022

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