Le Family Reunion

We insist that you attend! WE MISS YOU!

It's Almost Been 8 Years!

Our last family reunion was May 27, 2006. We would like to arrange a date and time that all of us see each other again before it's too late. Some of us may not get along but we should try, we are family. Nowadays with everything moving so fast, technology and the regular hustle and bustle, we don't even pick up the phone to say "Hi". We ask that bygones be bygones and you look forward to a positive day of family, fun and happiness.

Le Family Reunion

Saturday, June 21st, 11am-3pm


We will have a solid location by May. An email will be sent out to update everyone. Please RSVP so that we can have enough food and drinks for everyone.

What Are We Going to Do...?

Enjoy each other's company and EAT!

We will also have a photographer there, so we would like to stick with a couple of theme colors...black & white attire.

In the meantime, can you send us any and/or all of your family photos? We are creating a video collage.

Blood is thicker than water...

Please help us put this together.

Uncle Danny said he may have space for us to all fit, if not, we will figure it out. Us cousins will chip in for the food. We just need everyone to show up. We ask for nothing more.