Hatchet Summary

By Alex Gomez


Brian wonders about the supplies on the plane. Thinking, Brian remembers there was a survival kit in the back of the plane. He jumps up from the sand on the bay of the lake. Wandering away from the bay of the lake, he finds a log that he can use to take him to the sunken plane. Swimming towards the lake, the log starts to sink. Panicked, Brian surfs towards the sand to rethink his strategy.

Brian finds more big sticks to make a raft. When finished he pushes the raft to test if it will sink, and when it doesn't, he floats toward the plane. He arrives to the planes tail that is sticking above the surface. He tries to go under the water and in the plane, but he almost gets stuck on the wires of the plane. With his frustration he punches the plane. The soft metal breaks easily, but the hatchet would work much better. As he rips through the aluminum he sees the survival kit and snatches it and swims back to his hut.

Brian was traveling on a plane with only two passengers that was heading to canada to see his dad. When the pilot has a heart attack, the plane goes out of control and crash lands in a lake. He is stranded in the middle of nowhere with only his hatchet and himself. Brian faces mental and physical obstacles including starvation, dehydration, tornadoes, breakdowns, and moose.

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