Coding 4-5 B

Marking Period 1: Week 5

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Part 1: Sign Up For Scratch

Or Change Your Account's Email

If you lost your account, want to create another one for this class, or are new:
  • Click the link below to go to Scratch!
  • Follow the steps to create an account
  • Use your palcsmail (gmail) address to sign up

If you already have an account and want to keep using it:
  • Make sure you either have your account set to an email that can receive incoming mail or change it to your palcsmail (gmail) account because you can now receive email from Scratch in case you ned to reset a password or something.
  • Confirm your account by sending a message to your palcsmail, then go to your palcsmail and click on the confirm link.
  • Write down your username and password and keep it near your computer
#1: Click Here to Go to Scratch

Click to either create a new account or change your email!

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Part 2: Explore Scratch & Choose a Project to Share in Chat!

  • Click on some on the projects to see what students from around the world are creating!
  • Remember: you can click "see inside" to check out how the project was coded using the coding blocks!
  • Modify an old project or create a new project to share in chat next week! Or choose your favorite project on the Scratch site to share!

Part 3: Share Your Scratch Username

  • Click on the link below to add your Scratch Username to our class Padlet!
  • Check the assignment box that you are all set to get Scratching!
Click Here to Add Your Username

Click the link to add your Scratch username to our class Padlet

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Parents: Questions About Scratch?

Click Here: All About Scratch for Parents

Click the button above to learn about Scratch and it's safe online learning environment!

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See You In CyberSpace!