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Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

It’s no secret that one of the major concerns currently surrounding cybersecurity is the ‘insider threat’ which is linked to the ‘human’ side of things. It’s a valid argument that whilst an organization can invest heavily in sophisticated security technology, if they have members of staff who are not educated in cyber security, they will always be vulnerable to an attack.

Cyber threats are real and attackers are targeting organizations to steal sensitive information every day. Capitalizing on Social Engineering, attackers investigate and research information using social media & public websites to create an attack plan to target organizations.

IT SEC’s cyber security awareness training program is designed around your specific requirement addressing both general and industry specific security weak points. We enhance the corporate security culture by minimizing risks and meeting regulatory requirements.

We offer security awareness training programs for both corporate and government entities

Posters Act As a Reminder & Prevents Us From Falling Prey to the Victims !

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A Pro Active Approach rather than a Reactive Approach is what All Organizations Need

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IT SEC is a leading Information Security consultancy and training firm committed to providing the best cybersecurity practices to organizations worldwide. We provide professionals and enterprises with the intelligence, technology, training and human expertise they need to find trusted and reliable solutions to complex cyber security challenges.


As a pure-play cybersecurity firm, IT SEC focuses exclusively on information security advisory, consulting, risk management, data breach, incident response and disaster recovery, managed security services, certification and training for cybersecurity professionals. IT SEC is a leader in customized Security Awareness trainings for the Middle East.

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