Vietnam war

Costly and Deathly War


The Vietnam war was a deathly and costly war.In Vietnam it was called the American War.

(North)Vietnam was supported by Russia,China,Camboia,and other communist countries.The War was a 20 year long period.November 1,1955-April 30,1975.The War killed almost 53,000 Americans.The War killed almost 2 million civilians.The United States saw the war as prevent a communist takeover.The youngest man was a 15 year old named Dan Bullock.The oldest man is 63 year old Dwaine Mcgriff.The war cost about 173 billion.Equivalent to 770 Billion (2003).There was no clear winner in the war,but Vietnam completed there military actions.The total number of Southwestern Asian countries was 1,450,000,Total deaths was 2,313,000

Present Day

Gulf war

The Vietnam war is like the Gulf war.

The Gulf war was to get Iraq out of Kuwait.

The war lasted 1 year August 1,1990-February 28,1991

The United States waged war with 34 different countries

Five fun Facts

-At the end of the war the uss Midway pushed 10 million dollars worth of helicopters into the oceans

-Slinkys were used as mobile radio antennas

-A estimated 125,000 people fled the draft

-A Taskforce named Tigerforce"cut off the ears of victims.

Navy Seals amassed a K/D Ratio 200:1 during the Vietnam war


The Vietnam war changed Vietnam economically and argicultrarly.

Vietnam grew in money and population.

It also replaced the U.S Congress and military.

It split the Vietnam Democratic Party.