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Volume 3: January 2015

PYP in the Library!

January is All About Being an Inquirer!

Someone who is an inquirer enjoys learning and have the skills necessary to conduct research.

Possible Correlating Attitudes: Appreciation, Cooperation, Commitment, Creativity, Curiosity, Enthusiasm, and Independence.

Check out the January PYP Newsletter with suggestions of books for each of these attitudes and attributes! Now you can find links to PYP newsletters on our Destiny Homepage!

January Culture Kits at Fox Road!

Culture Kits Are (almost) Here!

The following 5 culture kits will be available for use in your classroom soon:
Each month between January and April we will have 6-7 culture kits available for use in your classrooms. The following kits have been reserved:

February kits: Argentina, Bahrain, Barbados, China, Indonesia, Lesotho

March kits (still in the works): Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China Tea Ceremony Kit, Dominican Republic, London

April kits: Brazil, El Salvador, France, Hinduism, Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam

For more information, see your media specialist.

Culturegrams and the C.I.A. World Factbook

These are two great places to find information on other countries. Culturegrams has a kids edition that provides current, kid-friendly information on the countries of the world. Looking for holiday information in Lithuania or Japan? This is the place for you!

You can find culturegrams at

See your media specialist for login information.

The C.I.A. World Factbook is a great place to find out where in the world a country is located. Need to show your students exactly where Lesotho is while using your culture kit? Check it out on the world map at


Worldmapper is the world as you have never seen it before. It is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map depending on what subject area you are researching. Have you ever wondered what country has the most food exports or what country has the highest total population? Wonder no more! With Worldmapper, you have that information at your fingertips. You can compare countries and watch as our country shrinks and grows before your eyes depending on the topic of the map. Be enlightened today by viewing some maps!


Postcrossing can connect your class to the world! Can you say "IB/PYP?" Your class can learn about other countries through Postcrossing. Wouldn't it be great for your students to receive postcards from around the world and to keep track of them on a world map? For each postcard that your class sends, your class will get a postcard in the mail! A lot of learning can happen at the low cost of a postcard and stamp! Have fun Postcrossing!


What's that? It's word clouds...with style and it's free! Turn your spelling words, PYP words, news articles, and any important text into a visual. You can create a word cloud without having to log in. Students can customize the font, color, shape, and theme of the word cloud. Wouldn't it be neat to write your spelling words in the shape of a heart or star?

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